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Early miscarriage?

Hi all, 

Me and my partner had a few occasions of unprotected sex in the past month and half.
I usually have a 5 day period. 
3 day bleed then 2 days of what I call Dreggs which is brown in colour at the end. 

I was a little late on my period and got dreggs first for 4 days, I’ve never had this happen before I actually start bleeding, always after.

After the 4 days of dreggs Ive now started bleeding for 2 days and have worse cramps than usual and have noticed a lot more clots, nothing major just more than normal. 
Then today after a lot of cramping I passed this (see photo) does anyone know if this is an early miscarriage or 🤷‍♀️ 
It doesn’t look exactly like previous miscarriages i’ve had  though the cramping has been like a miscarriage. 

The bigger part of the pic is hard and grissly and the rest soft tissue. 

Im going to a walk in centre tomorrow just to be checked over but it would be great to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance xxx
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