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5wks+4 period like bleeding.

Looking for some advice or if any1 has had a similar situation? My last period was the 30th Sept, I done a pregnancy test on the 27th oct as I just new I felt diff I had a positive result (very faint line) retested again a few days later and again positive result still a faint line(tested twice). I again tested last week and the line was darker showing positive. I had 5 positive results all in all as i was wanting to be sure!!I would have been due on between the 28th- 30th oct but I'm never late only a day or nothing more.... On Friday I began to start bleeding and it has been for the last 3 days its like I'm having a period, and this morning done a clear blue test which said not pregnant! I'm completely confused and just feel lost 😕 I feel its very clear whats happened but I'm just wondering if any1 has experienced anything similar, I will be getting a call from the early pregnancy unit tomorrow xx


  • Hi, what did they say? This happened to me 4 moths after I had my son...I miscarried unfortunately I was 6+days pregnant. X
  • Hi I'm sorry this happened to you. This happened to me last October I was 5 weeks and few days and tests and then blood tests confirmed it was a chemical pregnancy so a miscarriage very early. I am now 26 weeks pregnant so it will happen for you x
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