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Possible miscarriage? (graphic pics)

Sorry this is a long question and there's graphic pictures. I havent had my period in 3 months. 
I hadn't tested for pregancy from fear as I have already had 2 miscarriages this year. 
I was sure I wasn't pregnant though as I've been using the pill religiously and had no symptoms. 
However on Sunday I started bleeding, i presumed it was my period and continued on with the next 2 days. It was bright pink/red. 
I then woke up last night in excruciating pain, honestly unbearable, I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was having contractions. 
Then this morning I passed what looked to be lumpy and sticky dark red blood followed by pink discharge. Does this look like a possible miscarriage? There was also a lumpy red thing in the toilet. 
Sorry I know this might seem disgusting i just would love a second opinion. 


  • I’ve had two miscarriages and what your describing sounds very familiar. Large clots with painful cramps after no period for that many months def raises a red flag. Probably should’ve tested to make sure when you were skipping that many periods. How are you feeling now? AF back to normal? 
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  • @ThatssSoRavenn

    Thank you for replying. 
    Im really not sure what it was, tests came back negative after that (it was probably too late to test anyway) and the doctor was too busy to see me, they told me on the phone it sounded like an mc but they couldn't be sure.
    More weird stuff came out of me which really made me think it was mc(picture included) I continued to bleed for a full 7 days though which does sound more like af. I'm still spotting a little. 
  • ThatssSoRavennThatssSoRavenn Regular
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    Yes very large clots like those are a sign of mc. I’m so sorry love. Mine lasted 7-8 days both times. I had a confirmed pregnancy both times so I know what it looks like. I was showering one day and a large clot like that dropped out of me and scared the hell out of me. All we can do is just try again if that is what you are wanting. but def test regularly if you can next time ♥️
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