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Please help. Confusing OPKs after mc.

I was wondering if any of you ladies have had the same thing happen as me. 

So I mc in 9th November (second mc this year) and I got a positive OPK on 11th December at 0.64 on Premom app and confirmed with clearblue on 12th with another Premom at 0.69 which was classed as my peak and ovulation predicated on 13th. The ratio is low for me as last time I used these OPKs before my first mc and conceived my peak was 1.89 so I thought it was odd to be so low. 

I am currently 10dpo and I’ve been getting back ache and cramps last couple of days and slightly sore boobs. I randomly took an OPK last night and was 0.41 low and today just to checked if it showed higher and it was classed high at 0.5. 

Am I ovulating again?? Or could this be picking up pregnancy hormone? 

Thanks girls xxx 
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