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5 weeks Possible Miscarriage

I had small brown spot yesterday and then small pink spotting today.  Back has been aching and front pelvic region feels like a burning sensation.  Last month I had a chemical pregnancy.  Anyone else have bleeding at 5 weeks and it turn out ok? I’m nervous and my Dr isn’t available until Monday.  Been super tired too.  My boobs are not sore either so I worry I lost it. If you had a miscarriage did it start out with brown and then go to pink? Any other perspectives are greatly appreciated since I can’t talk to family or anyone really about what is going on. 


  • Is it enough to get in your underwear or toilet? Personally, I had a couple brown spots and cramping in week 5. Never more than in a wipe and only every now and then. That being said, it did make me ask the question to my doctor on bleeding/ what's normal / how much to worry about. 

    She said not to worry too much unless if you are filling up a pad within four hours time. So if you aren't bleeding that bad - i'd try to keep calm until you can talk to your doctor!
  • The yesterday very small brown like dime sized and then a small pink one yesterday and same again today small pink one.  Accompanied with nausea, lower back/buttocks area and stretching type aches in the front.  Thank you for the response.  I just have to wait it out until my appt on Tuesday.  So hard
  • Update? 
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