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Bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant

Hi all I just found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant I’m 38 and my eldest son is 17. I started to bleed last night at 2 am and then it got lighter today and now only a tiny trace. Would anyone know if this is a sign of a miscarriage I have slight cramps. Thank u 


  • Bleeding can be completely normal! Unfortunately when I had bleeding coupled with cramps, I had a miscarriage. But bleeding itself is quite common during pregnancy - many friends have had it and delivered healthy babies. If it has stopped now, that would be a good since! If painful though, I would head in for a check. At this early, I think they would try an ultrasound and/or monitor HCG. I know 5 weeks is early for ultrasound but I believe my friend was checked out around then due to bleeding. 

    I hope everything is great tho and you deliver a healthy baby!!!
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