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8 weeks pregnant and bleeding

Hi all
I've been having a light blood discharge for the last 3 days. Not a lot but noticed it after about every third time I go to the loo when I wipe.
What could this be? I am very concerned as I am 35 years old. 


  • Try not to worry- a lot of women experience bleeding in their pregnancy and have successful pregnancies. If you phone your local epu, they might be able to offer you a scan to check everything’s ok.🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
    Obviously, I’m sure you already know that it can be a sign of miscarriage, particularly if you start to bleed heavier but fingers crossed you and the baby are absolutely fine. Xxx
  • Bleeding during pregnancy is quite common! My friend who was most recently pregnant had first trimester bleeding and she just delivered a healthy baby last week! We asked around as she was quite worried at the time and we learned of several other women in our friend group and others in their friend groups who experienced bleeding so we came to learn it’s quite normal. I think 1/4 or more of all pregnant women experience it. 

    Just keep your eye on it and watch out for pain as well. If there is pain too, then I would head in for an ultrasound check up. Best wishes. I hope everything is ok!!
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