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Bleeding, spotting-is it a miscarriage

Sorry about the photo
I’ve been having issues with the implant contraception and had it removed there was a few weeks gap that I was not on anything, though we used condoms, I had the depo 3 weeks ago and did a pregnancy test it was negative
after having sex last week I began bleeding, the bleeding was not like my issues with the implant it is very very light and bright red in colour, so I went to the doctor today and did an pregnancy test again and negative but once I got home I had an odd discharge, I reached out to a friend and sent a photo and she said it looks like I’ve miscarried?
I’m so confused, never experienced one before and I’m not in any pain and bleeding has not increased over the week? What should I do..


  • Hope your ok

    Personally I think this will just be a normal period blood clot. Especially if all tests were negative. I get them all the time and they can be quite big at times. If you don't normally get them then it may be due to changing contraception. 

    Its nothing to worry about but if you continue to be worried talk to your gp again or nurse who prescribed contraception xx
  • I think this looks like period clumping honestly, and if the blood tests at the doctors are negative, I would trust them. 
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