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Have I had a Miscarriage?

28 Years old 

I was 2 days late starting my period, I have always suffered with horrendously painful cramps and in the last year have noticed clots to be common. Sunday morning was no different-horrendously painful with brown/ black bitty clots were coming out and later that day when stood in the shower the usual dark red blood clots were coming out, but then I noticed something that came out which I have never seen before nor looked anything like the blood clots washing past, didn’t break up like clots and when the water washed the blood off showed a pink tissue which I’ve never seen before and was quite concerned. Although me and my partner are not actively trying there is a chance last period was 25th Dec-30th. Which would put me in the 3/4 week bracket. 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Could this be a miscarriage? 

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