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Am I pregnant or not?

Hello Ladies,
I had a miscarriage in November 2020 and then did family planning for the whole December, of course I saw my periods then I decided to stop using it in January. When my periods were due for Jan, I had pregnancy test last week on Friday and it showed 'weakly positive' and I was due for my periods on the 25th , that is on Monday. Yesterday, I certainly started bleeding and I got worried thinking I might be having another miscarriage. The bleeding has lasted for the whole night and I don't know how long it will take. Could this be a miscarriage, implantation, or my normal periods? I am not feeling any paid apart from back pain and feeling weak. Please help me! Thank you


  • I feel I’m in the same boat- my friend bled and has a healthy baby. Bleeding is so confusing. If I was you I’d ask for your doctor to do a blood test x x 
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