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Blighted ovum

Hi I went for scan at what would of been 9 weeks. Saying blighted ovum but gestational sac looks totally normal and high. Didn’t have any cramps bleeding etc. got hcg drawn came back at 44,500 did anyone ever have a blighted ovum and have this high of a number. Back in for more hcg tomor and my scan isn’t for another 2.5 weeks. Looking some advice :(


  • Oh I’m so sorry to see this 😔 I can’t advise but just wanted to send you some love xxx
  • I had this,  don't panic.  I panicked a lot I was so scared , my blighted ovum cyst was also very big , 3.5 cm x 5.5 cm so pretty big. I got told most of them dissappear up to 15 weeks,  I had it detected at my 8 werk scan , then it was still there at my 12 weeks scan. I went in for control scan at 15 16 weeks and it was gone. Completely gone. So please try to not worry about it now , you still got plenty of time for it to dissappear and trust me most of the time it does just go away. 😉 I know kts hard not to worry,  but worrying won't make any difference only make it worse for you and baby  xx I hope yours goes away and next scan will be clear x hugs 😘
  • @Lh8609 thanks missus how r u and ur ttc journey.. 

    @Benka96 what do u mean blighted ovum cyst?? Sorry. I have just been told that my gestation sac is empty? I went and got bloods done 3 days after scan my results are over 45,000 and in again tomor. Did u get diagnosed as blighted ovum? 
  • @Nireland2020 I’m about a week away from ov, cycle 5. I think last month was the first time I ov’d so at least things are starting to work again x
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    @Lh8609 ah that’s good news that u ov. Takes time after the pill and ur body getting back to normal. @Lh8609  have u got ovulation tests and all now?? I wish u baby dust for this month💞

    im still in the unknown as the hospital want me to wait another 2 weeks:(. I’m going out of my mind. Hcg levels so high and then no symptons of miscarriage to be told it may be that. But what is to be will be and that’s all I can deal with. I have came to terms now of there being a miscarriage. Just the no symptons bleeding or cramps it’s hard to believe. X
  • I’m absolutely gutted for you I really am 😟 x
  • @Lh8609 yes big shock as I act never new this type of miscarriage happened as I have never heard of it. How r u feeling?? X
  • I’m ok, trying to stay positive. Trying to lose a bit of weight lol I’ve really let myself go x
  • @Lh8609 oh I’m sure u haven’t, but it’s a very hard time in the way things are in the world to stay motivated isn’t it. Like some days I say am going to be good tofay now n not eat bad n walk n stuff but it only ever lasts a week. My fitness pal is ment to be brillant girl for keeping on track so it is xxxp
  • I just have no motivation lol I’ve started boxing and kick boxing today my fiancée brought a bag so I’m giving that a go. I just like eating crap that’s my problem 😂 x
  • @Lh8609 oh that sounds good. It’s extremly hard on the Fittnes. I love weight lifting and my sister is currently at it flat out but until I know where I am with this i just don’t wanna do it. I love running to with my ear phone am not that good but I take kaiser by Siberian he loves it and helps me. Lol roll on the brighter evenings though will help so much with mood & motivation. I’m hoping lol 
  • I love weight lifting but haven’t done any for so long. How you feeling today? X
  • Sorry only replying now: so I rang hospital am in on Monday now instead of Friday, as I’m still feeling pregnant tired n my belly is starting to get hard with the sac still growing so I just want it to be sorted and to feel normal I don’t know I can’t describe it I just don’t wanna do another week again. 

    How r u?? Ovulation near 💫 
  • Bless you please keep us posted with how you go. Yeah ov should be in the next few days hopefully 🤞🏼 X
  • Went yesterday and sac n everything still growing so body still not reacting to having no baby there:(. So they said I could leave it happen naturally I said no I wanted the tablets to help. So took them at 8am and I have started bleeding at 8:30. Have minor cramps so far. Thanks so much and maybe in a we while I will be back on ttc journey and u will be on the positive pregnancy journey. ✨
  • I’m I’m so sorry hun, look after yourself and I really hope to see you with another bfp soon xxx
  • Thank you and I wish u a little stick baby for this month ✨❤️🌈 x x 
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