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Ho long after D&C do you get a negative test?

Nireland2020Nireland2020 Regular
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Hi, so took the tablets given by midwife to bring on miscarriage no luck. Just heavy bleeding. 

Got scan today confirmed notting has changed sac still there. Booked in for D&C next week

didnt ask but how long after a d & c will it take to get a negative pregnancy test if anyone has information. Thank you 


  • Sorry to hear of your loss, it took me nearly 4 weeks after my surgery to get a negative test. The hospital told me not to test for at least 2 weeks after the surgery as it was likely I’d get positives still due to my hcg being high xx 
  • Sorry to hear u have suffered a loss also. It crazy when your personally going through it how many people that does be effected. 

    Today I miscarried myself I would of been 12 weeks. I took the tabs on Monday and today they worked after being scanned yesterday. It was not what I was told to expect. I didn’t panic but to tell women it’s like a heavy period is not any way to describe it. 

    Sorry to ask you but did your period take long to regulate or to even make an appearance again? X
  • Im so sorry @Nireland2020 I’m so gutted for you love x
  • @Nireland2020 my period returned back quite quickly it was about 6 weeks after my surgery (2 weeks after the negative tests). So that was the November. I fell pregnant again in the dec but had a chemical and again in the jan it happened again which was a little harsh. I was under investigation then by the recurrent miscarriage clinic so had a break. No issues were found but I was given progesterone for any future pregnancies. I fell pregnant again in aug last year but sadly another chemical as didn’t get the progesterone quick enough. Pregnant again in December and started the progesterone before my period was even due and I got a sticky baby. I’m now 14+3 with a healthy little boy. So don’t ever give up hope, you will get your rainbow 🌈 xx
  • @Lh8609 it has been going on from 7+3 a when I was first scanned n told that I had to go back in 2 weeks & then I new so for me to be 12 weeks and take the pills and it to not happen. Then be booked in for d & c and it happened 3 days after the tablets and am so happy that I’m finally getting somewhere and feeling me again if that makes sense. I’m in Monday for scan to confirm all tissue has passed but hopefully it has.. are u on dpo or coming up to ov.. so exciting and nervous isn’t it.. 

    @MrsH02 oh my god u have been through a lot, but I’m so happy that you are currently preg with your little sticky rainbow baby. How r u feeling?? 
    I’m in two minds whether or not to try again at the minute as I’m terrified it will happen again and I was currently 12+2 and my body wasn’t making any attempt to miscarrie only I took the pills and they never worked till 3 days after being taken. So I’m terrified I get pregnant with our little rainbow and then get to 8-9 weeks to find out again that it’s blighted ovum or anything else & go through it again. I can’t imagine how frightened you were. Did ur doctor or miscarriage clinic supplie the progesterone tablets or can a go prescribe those? As are they very good to take after ov or does your body have to not be producing enough of that for it to be subscribed.? Sorry for all the questions just from I have been 7 weeks from my first private scan I have read the Internet about miscarriages and what helps to stop it from happening noting much can stop the inevitable but I have heard many positive reports about progesterone. 🌈❤️ X
  • @Nireland2020 bless you mate I’m 6dpo today 🤞🏼 X
  • @Lh8609 oh fingers crossed it is a sticky baby ✨❤️ How r u feeling?? :):) xxx
  • Lots of good symptoms so I’m keeping everything crossed lol. How ru feeling? X
  • @Lh8609 oh amazing are u going to try hold out till after missed at to test? It’s so hard isn’t it. 

    I’m feeling good, looking forward to scan tomor hopefully they confirm everything has passed then in a couple weeks we can decide on the future :) x
  • You sound so positive that’s awesome. I’ve got lots of cheapies so I’ll probably do one every morning from tomorrow lol, af due Friday so not long to wait x
  • @Lh8609 oh keep me posted.. I really hope this is ur month and u get a little sticky baby..❤️✨ so exciting 🤍💙
  • Thankyou lovely. Hope your scan goes ok x
  • Did u test today ✨ scan went good all has passed. So no d & c required. So happy, so now I think I’m going to try one more or two months and see how it goes. Don’t know if my mental health is able for it but just wanna try once more. I think. How r u feeling today.. x 
  • Glad it all went well, take it easy and be kind to yourself love. Yeah 9dpo today and still bfn but it’s early days. Temps still high and I’ve still got some good symptoms so just gona hang in there and keep testing lol x
  • @Nireland2020 sorry only just seen your response. It was the consultant I’m under for recurrent miscarriage that prescribed them but it’s gone on my health records so if I get pregnant again my gp can prescribe. I was seen privately aswell by professor brosens in Warwickshire to have biopsies for natural killer cell testing and he recommended I take them form 7dpo as I clearly had an implantation issue which resulted into the last 3 miscarriages. I honestly believe this was caused by my surgery for my missed miscarriage as I think they literally stripped my uterus. Anyway the progesterone has worked for me this time. Good luck 🤞🏻 x
  • @MrsH02 oh I’m so sorry you had to go through all that, but I am so happy that u are pregnant with your little rainbow baby. 

    @Lh8609 oh don’t give up hope. I took one at roughly 9-10 and bfn and then when af was late I took one but I had a feeling I was. So keep up the spirits 💫❤️
  • I think I’m out this month, pretty sure I had some super faint marks on hpts last night but they’re gone now and I’ve had a few brown spots on tissue this morning. Plus my temp has stated the same it’s not risen for a few days now. Hope you’re ok x
  • @Lh8609 ah hun it’s just so stressful isn’t it. I hope at doesn’t come. :(. It plays with your mind doesn’t it.. im doing good, started back eight training Monday outside wit my pt and went today so feeling good. How are u hope ur ok, have you got the usual at symptons or is it different. Xx
  • Glad you’re feeling better, I’ve been boxing and kick boxing at home. Cramps are really bad, like worse than af. No more spotting still got a bit of creamy cm but my temp is pretty low now so it’s just a matter of time. She’s due tomorrow and I’m sure she won’t disappoint lol x
  • @Lh8609 I hope af didn’t show up today.. how r u?? 

    My test dismorning is practically just a faint line now so hoping for a full negative soon. Stopped bleeding now so feeling good. 

    Are u taking anything to conceive? X
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