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Possible miscarriage

Hi all, I’m new to this site and just looking for some advice. I had a miscarriage sept 2020, day my period was due I had menstruated cramps and always on time. Day late I knew. Panicking it was an ectopic as had one 10 yrs ago and only one remaining tube but it ended in miscarriage. I’ve recently had an HSG test to check my remaining tube and it’s all clear. Period due date came and had all normal menstrual cramps but no period- tested positive today. I feel like it’s going to be another miscarriage as I never had any cramps on my daughter (after ectopic). Has anyone else suffered menstural cramps and had a successful pregnancy? Sorry for long discussion. Send love to everyone going through horrendous times.   Xxx


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    Hi, I didn’t want to read and leave.. so normal to be worried after going through a loss. I recently just had a loss through a. Blighted ovum. And now ttc and I can’t imagine how I wil be either I’m sure I wil be worried. 

    I have had two previous and yes I had cramps a good bit maybe 9-12 weeks into pregnancy. If you ring your earlie pregnancy unit they might be able to fit u in for a scan to be done in around 3-4 weeks for your piece of mind. I hope u have an amazing 9 months ahead ✨💫 
  • Thank you so much for commenting. Sending lots of love for what you’ve been through and everything crossed for your future.
    ive for a scan booked in for Monday but seems like ages away. I’ve also had antibiotics for possible UTI. Hard times xxx
  • Ah well I hope your scan goes brillant and you have a little sticky baby. Am sure all is ok, but it’s just extremly hard not to worrie after a loss. How many weeks are u?? Such a exciting and worrieing time all in one isn’t it. X
  • Thank you so much I’m praying. I’m about 5.3 was from last period. I’ve woken with sore boobs (tmi sorry) hoping this is a good sign but still worry about blighted ovum as I still got intermittent period type pains.. they’ve got better though. I’ll let you know the outcome of the scan . Thank you xxx
  • @Jones88 Just wanted to drop a quick message as well to say I had usual AF style cramps and had a positive test 2 days after AF was due (didn't test before then). I had the cramps probably on and off up until 6/7 weeks pregnant and I'm currently 13+3. If no bleeding I would try to relax as that is better for you and baby but can only imagine the anxiety you must have given the other losses! As long as no blood then cramps can be normal and a sign of things moving and progressing how they should be! I occasionally get them now but put it down to things stretching as a small bump seems to have appeared over the weekend ha! Best of luck for your scan sweet xx

     I'm so sorry to hear about your blighted ovum my lovely! Best of luck for ttc again xx
  • Thank you so much for commenting and giving me hope!!!
    I’m praying all ok. I never had any bleeding with ectopic or miscarriage and ended up in a&e on both. Every pregnancy is different though so it’s given me more hope reading your post.  Congratulations and excited for you to meet your little one xxx
  • @Jones88 yes do keep me posted but am sure you have a little sticky baby in there getting comfortable.. all the best for your scan and look forward to hearing your good news.. 

    @TeeAli22 ah thanks so much. It’s lovely to hear you are doing good and your little bean is getting stronger and bigger. All the best for the last couple of months ✨✨ x x 
  • Hi Ladies, I hope everyone’s ok?! An update on my eventful week. I came down with severe back ache and fever last week and ended up in hospital... had high levels of infection. Finally allowed home when heart rate returned to normal (so high). They didn’t feel any need to scan me due to no concerns there and HCG levels ok. I went for a private scan on Saturday and could see a sac in the left horn of my womb- I have a bicornuate uterus (nothing straightforward with me). She noted that she could see what she thought was a yolk sac and fetal pole but still really early pregnancy by measurement. I then went ahead with my scan at the hospital Monday which made me feel like crap.... seen a sac but she wasn’t sure if she could see anything inside.. then she was concerned how high up the sac was in the left horn. Spoke to the doctor after and he’s unsure if this sac will survive where it is. All my confidence went after speaking to him. I’ve got to go back in a week. The private scan was much more clearer , she didn’t mention that it was really high up. I’ve booked another scan on Friday (privately). I need piece of mind. Fingers crossed. Xx
  • @Jones88 oh my god u have had a stressful week. I wouldn’t be loosing any hope as she wouldn’t of said she thinks she may of seen a yolk and fetal pole without being nearly sure she is. Did they tell u if ur sac was measuring to your dates?? I honestly wouldn’t loose hope just yet. It could just be that you are that bit earlie. :(. It’s extremly hard and it’s the waiting of the unknown so I totally stand by u with the booking of another private scan because it’s mental torture the waiting. Are u doing ok??  X
  • Yes I’m ok thank you.. my worry is that the doctor said even if it all ok in the sac , because it’s so high up in the horn that it’s a question will it survive, mentioned ectopic/miscarriage. I’ve blanked it all out and back to work tomorrow after a week off. Booked a private scan Friday evening. 
    How are you doing?xx
  • @Jones88 ok I understand. I just would defo do what u are doing and go to ur scan on Friday and I hope u see a little bean. Keep me posted. It’s just such a stressful time. I found I couldn’t focus on anything else bar reading up about sacs etc. so I am thinking of you at the minute. 

    I’m doing ok, I don’t know where I am in my cycle or what’s going on lol I had brown discharge the other day i don’t think it would be implantation bleeding as I never had that before but am thinking because we done it so close after Mc it may cause it. But I prob should of waited till I got my period to know where I am. But I haven’t but I honestly don’t think I have got preg again anyways. I don’t know now if another baby is for us with timing but then again I would love another baby for my girls. But what’s to be will be and won’t pass me that’s what am thinking anyways. I found the weeks and the waiting for scans so hard so I know totally how u are feeling and I wish u all the luck in the world for ur scan tomor xx
  • Just waiting for that first period after a MC is horrible , you must feel in limbo. Brown discharge could be implanting or just your body recovering. Our bodies are mind fields. I feel for you and send you loads of support and love xx

    I had my scan last night and there was a heartbeat. I measured one day shorter than my last missed period. I’ve been having on and off diarrhoea for last two day (sorry for info) and bad stomachs again today... so even though I should be overjoyed, I am but still got something nagging in back of my mind. I don’t think I’ll rest for another few months. I have hospital appt and will get them to check my urine again And blood tests.

    keep me updated on how you are and how things go xxx
  • @Jones88 I was thinking of u all day yestrday. Glad u got good news. And of course your going to be so nervous etc that’s so understandable. Amazing news try not to let it over come u. Your little baby is going to take a lot out of u now for the next few months. How far is ur next scan in the hospital?? It’s great to hear positive news:). 

    Thank you I’m good the brown has stopped I never had implantation bleeding before if that is what it is, it could be with having ttc straight after Mc but just never no. I am not going to test now for at least another 5 days as I’m driving myself insane lol again 😂 I’m a real tester lol xxx
  • @Jones88 that’s amazing news. I’m so happy for you. Fingers crossed! @Nireland2020 how are you doing? Everything’s so nerve wracking after a loss isn’t it. It changes everything pregnancy
  • @EmJ3 I’m good 4 weeks post Mc. No ad f had strong ovulation test on Sunday along with strong pains so hopefully. How r u keeping?? Xxx
  • Hi, how are you both doing?xx
  • @Jones88 I’m doing good 5 weeks on Wednesday and still no af. I am waiting for ovulation n hcg tests to come. I have a hunch I could be pregnant but I don’t know either. I’m not disappointed if I’m not I totally understand it wasn’t Ment to be. 

    How about u how r u feeling?? Are u in to the hospital again any time soon.?? X
  • I’ve got everything crossed for you. It’s like a minefield after a miscarriage of what’s going on with our bodies ain’t it. Their our bodies but we got no control or can’t see what’s going on in side and feels like your head is spinning on times. I’ve got everything crossed for you and Sending lots of love.
    It took me 6 months after my Miscarriage to conceive and I do believe that was helped by fertility smart vitamins we were both taking as my partner had like really low sperm motility count Which ended up tripling and then I had a HSG test 3 days before I ovulated.(Told to ovarian from sex for few days but  obviously...:

    I’ve had another hospital scan and another private Scan and I’m 8 weeks tomorrow. I still haven’t told any family or friends... need my time at the moment. 

    Please keep me updated as to how you are doing... 
  • @Jones88 oh that’s good and did all ur scans go ok. Can you see the little sticky baby? Are u sick or how r u feeling?? 

    I totally understand your not wanting to tell anyone, if I was lucky enough to concieve again I wouldn’t be telling anyone me personally until am at least 12-14 weeks. As I found it hard, two weeks ago I was in my local playground n a lady goes to me. I hear u have a congratulations I says excuse me, she says I hear ur expecting I said no. She says yeah such and such told me. I says no I’m not pregnant you have it wrong: I wanted the ground to swallow me up. She got told from 1 girl I told I was pregnant so earlie and only reason I told her was because there was a week bertwen us so she is nearly 20 weeks now :(. But for her to tell someone when I was so earlie was heart pulling. So I learned my lesson :(

    What was the name of the vitamins you took to concieve and u are totally right I don’t know what is going on. I honestly don’t. And would love to know if I am. Or if am not that’s ok. But I would love my af to make an appearance lol xx sorry for a long post lol 
  • I could see quite a bit on scan over the weekend and all seems ok. But still so nervous. I’ve been ok apart from picking up my daughters head cold... I’m never I’ll and have a double whammy this month.

    I feel for you so much with what you’ve told me about the playground. Who has the right to go telling your news especially as you said it was private and so early on. 
    I had ectopic whilst my sister was pregnant (month apart) and last miscarriage my best friend was pregnant (again month apart). You go through the milestones and I know what would have been my due date in May will be a marked date with something special Just like October with ectopic. Always here for You... keep strong as you’re a lot stronger than you will ever know but always good to ask for help!!!

    the vitamins we were taking were - fertility smart , conceive for me and men. About £40 odd each but I’m convinced they helped. 


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