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So confused!

Bit of back ground, started testing after an early, light period and the line started out mega faint (23rd Feb)and got darker every couple of days and after about 1.5 weeks had good lines across 3 brands and a positive CB DIGI 1-2 weeks (March 6th).Stopped testing after missed period and positive DIGI.

 Everything was going fine, just had mild cramping and bit more tired than normal. Midwife appointment at 6 weeks, books me in for my 12 week scan etc. Fast forward to 17.03.2021(Around 6/7 weeks) I went for an early scan at a scan centre, not hospital, to see if could listen to heartbeat. They could only do an abdominal scan, the sonographer had trouble finding the baby and then was pretty certain could see it (Pointed to it on the screen) and picked up a "heatbeat". It sounded like a heartbeat but the scan defo didnt really look like much (Pic attached).As she was not able to get a clear view, she rebooked me for 29th.

 22.03.2021 I suddenly get crippling pains in my stomach and decide after an hour to go to A & E. No bleeding, and had none prior either for the entire time. A & E scan and tell me "your not pregnant your uterus is empty, just a thick lining". Pregnancy test is now negative. Told it was a chemical pregnancy. Considering my period never came since those positives a month a go, its taken 4 weeks to bleed from a "chemical pregnancy".
Additionally, wtf did the private scan centre pick up on the audio? Me and my partner HEARD it? Did anyone else get really delayed bleeding after a chemical?

 To be honest im just posting this as I feel incredibly confused and lonely sad and I have asked questions to mdiwife and A&E and got no real explanation to anything.

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