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8 weeks and heads a mess

So unfortunately 8 weeks ago I suffered a miscarriage and haven’t bled since, kinda expected something by now so found myself testing, AGAIN. Don’t know what to believe, is it to soon? Am I seeing things 🥴 going to go get a first response tonight and will contact doc tomorrow but heads just going a million miles an hour 😭


  • Didn’t wanna read and leave.. I had a miscarriage it took me 6 weeks exactly to get a period. It lasted a week and I’m just after getting my first proper positive ovulation strip. They say 4-6 weeks. So I would get another test first response if you could, the. Ring ur epu they may want to scan you etc.. had u gotten a negative pregnancy test in any time frame up to 4-5 weeks.? 
  • I had taken a few test since (maybe 3 or 4) over the weeks and all had nothing until now 😥 hopefully doc can fit me in for bloods or something tomorrow 🤞🏼
  • I see a positive on the one on the left hand side. Was that the one that came up the latest? Or was it the first one?

  • @Lgx1 oh so u defiantly had a negative test? 

    If you had a negative test or couple of them I would defo say there is a chance you ovulate and caught in between when u were ment to have ur af.. 
    How are u feeling?? X
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