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Have I just miscarried??

edited May 8, 2021 12:34AM in Miscarriage & pregnancy loss
Hi All, I'm very anxious on my period at the moment, I've never had one like this!!

Let me start off my saying this 'period' has lasted 3 weeks from today and is still heavy with leaking and 50P sized blood clots, also a clear fluid aswell which I've noticed recently? I was 1 week late onto this period too.

I am currently not having any pains at the moment, but I am feeling quite tired with a lack of motivation to do literally anything but sleep. I've also had sensitive breasts.

Facts to consider:

- I am 19 and sexually active
- I came off the Progestogen Only Pill last August due to a clot in leg ( I HAVE HAD PERIODS SINCE but all irregular in terms of lateness but none have ever went over 8 days of bleeding or clots)
- Anemia runs through my family

I have attached an image which concerns me, I took this image about 30mins ago, is this a miscarriage? ( I HAVE NOT TOOK PHOTOS OF THE BIG CLOTS, ONLY THIS WHICH LOOKS STRANGE )

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