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Anti D not given after miscarriage at 13 weeks

Hello there, 

I lost my baby at 13 weeks after a routine 12 week scan we were told our baby did not have a heart beat. We had to go through medical management in hospital. I am a rhesus negative blood group and I was not given anti d after my miscarriage. This has been acknowledged as a mistake by the hospital. I am very anxious about falling pregnant again in case I have formed anti d antibodies which may attack my future baby if it has a positive blood group. 

My GP authorised a blood test to check whether I had a sensitisation event and developed anti d antibodies which has come back negative thankfully. However, my consultant advised that the anti bodies can only accurately be picked up if/when we fall pregnant again. 

Please can someone help me to understand whether I can trust this blood test I’ve had 6 weeks post miscarriage or whether I will only know for sure when I fall pregnant again 
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