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Was I ever pregnant?


Normally, I do not get PMS until about 3 days before my cycle starts, and my average cycle length is 28 days without me missing a period or anything like that. My periods are usually heavy, lots of blood clots bigger than the size of a quarter, horrible cramping, but I'm generally functional and able to go about my day. My last period started April 25th and ended April 29th. My fertile window started May 6th and ended May 11th. I believe my ovulation day was May 9th, fourth day-- I was sexually active without protection May 5th, May 8th, May 9th, May 16th, May 17th, May 20th, and May 22nd. So seven sexually active days that I remembered to record.

Around 5dpo, I started feeling different. I started having fatigue, like I could sleep for days without waking up, and my body just felt different. I wasn't trying to reinforce or trick myself into believing that I was pregnant because I felt the chances were low due to the fact that my partner did not finish inside of me. So I took it with a grain of salt and went on about my day. As a Barista at Starbucks at a busy drive thru, my days became difficult to power through and I felt weak and tired around 8DPO. When I took a pregnancy test at 8DPO which was May 16th, it was a faint positive test.

This is my pregnancy test from 8DPO.

You can see the faint positive line on the left side and that it is not just the control line. I had another one of these pregnancy tests looking exactly like the one above on dates May 17th, and May 22nd. I took a total of 22 pregnancy tests and did daily testing just to make sure if I was pregnant I wasn't doing something that would result in my baby having issues. I even started taking a 400mcg folic acid supplement, drinking more fluids, and trying to make sure that I was remaining active. 

I started having a pink/pinkish brown spotting around 13dpo in the morning and 14dpo throughout the day. I had what looked like a little pinkish brown discharge mucus string running through the spotting and I thought it could possibly be implantation spotting but my period was expected May 24. I never thought it was the start of my period due to the fact that I never have spotting, my body just goes right into it while I sleep, around 2-3am every time my period is supposed to start it starts while I am asleep and I wake up to go change. 

Now today, May 23rd, I am having pinkish red/bright red blood shedding and this is what the pregnancy test looks like as of 2:56pm.
Since I have been taking pregnancy tests consistently since May 16th, some days they read faint positive and some days they read nothing but the negative line on the left side. I am confused because I am curious if I lost my pregnancy or if I was never pregnant but it just seemed like it? This would be my fourth week of pregnancy if I am pregnant, and I need to know if I should just go to a doctor and rule it out due to the fact that I am concerned about if I am pregnant, making sure my baby is healthy and then around 8 weeks the normal ultrasound and doctor visit.
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