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Welcome to Due in August 2014!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and I'm here to help. Oh dear, that sounds a bit *customer-services voice* but I hope you know what I mean!

Please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, please do shout!


  • Hi my name is Blair.. imageall the way from the Bahamas! I have a 4yr old princess & currently expecting (don't know the gender yet). My due date is Aug. 10, 2014.. really excited & hoping for a boy. Wondering if there is any sites that offer samples for baby stuff? looking to save as I'm currently unemployed at the moment image... Thanksssss! 

  • Hi all, Im Nina and Im currently 21+2. Lets get this good old August 2014 thread going image

  • Hi nina the due in August forum is very quite, a few of us talk on another thread. 

    Im 20 weeks today, due the 20th August with my 4th little girl. 

    How are you feeling? Do you know what your having?  X

  • Hi can someone help me if they can I am 38w4d with my first child,, I was in with my midwife last Thursday and she told me the baby's head is engaged image now I am starting to get more painful braxton hicks that come more often then before I have been getting them on and off since last week but still have not got my show :/ does anyone know if this means the baby is on his way ??
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