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At last!!!

Thought we would never get our own group!!! Know have had a chat on pregnancy but thought introduce myself again! I'm Allie. I am currently 10 + 1 and due on August 14th. Live in Oxfordshire and have a son who will be 3 in May. Had my booking in yesterday. Looking forward to getting to know you all x


  • Hi AllieB82 - pleased to meet you and congratulations!

    Yes, we're so sorry you had such a long wait for your group. Believe me, we SAT on Tech repeatedly till it was done. He's a bit squashed now - but hey, needs must...

    Is that your booking-in scan photo in your profile pic? How lovely!

  • Thank you! No it's my scan from DS!!! Need to change it when get on computer! Scan is 2 weeks today! Can't wait x
  • Ah - we need to fix it so that you can load up pics from a phone, don't we? *makes notes*

    Do post up your scan pic when you get it, won't you? Would be lovely to see everyone's scan pics!

  • Yes that would be good. X
  • Woohoo! Only feels like yesterday I was on here for my son. Can't believe I'm doing this again! Am i mad image??? X
  • Very possibly, BroodyBoots image

    Good to see you over here!

  • Yay! Pleased we finally have our group! Met some lovely ladies off here from when I had my dd in 2012 we still chat now! image I am Louise from Berkshire and I'm currently 8+2 and Due August 31st. I have my booking in appointment next Thursday and scan 17th feb. Congrats again to everyone and look forward to getting to know you all xx
  • Welcome loops26 - congrats to you too!

  • Hi lovelies,

    I'm 10+3 and due 26/27th August.

    We have our dd who will be 2 next month, can't believe we're starting again already!

    We've had an early scan and saw a heartbeat at 7+2, but I'm thinking of going for a private one this week because freaking out again...

    12 week scan is on valentines day.

    Looking forwSrd to getting to know you xxx.
  • Welcome xxLoobyxx. Congratulations!

    How sweet that your scan is on Valentine's Day image

  • Hi,

    I am due on 22nd August with my second. My baby boy is only 10 months old so I am still trying to get my head round it all!

    12 week scan on 6th Feb which I am nervously looking forward to. Had 3 miscarriages before having my son so fingers crossed for good news next week!

  • Hello Abbie4 and congratulations!

    I fell pregnant with my second when my first boy was only 9 months, so I know how you feel! Bit of a shocker, eh?

    Wishing you all the best for your scan. And welcome to the August 2014 Club!

  • Hope your scan goes ok abbie4! Your due on our wedding anniversary :0)

    I had a mc before my dd, and thought I'd be more chilled this time than I have been. Xxx.
  • 22nd is also my wedding anniversary!!! Fab date x
  • Hi all new too all this I'm now 22 weeks with my first Arghhh image
  • Hi. Congratulations. How are you feeling? Do you know what you are having? Think it's going so fast! I will be 24 weeks on Thursday! X
  • Hi Jenny congratulations,  when is your due date? Im 22w 6d due 20th August with my 4th little girl. 

    Allie how are you doing? Hows your bump coming along? X

  • I'm good. Back to work today after 2 weeks off!! Had lovely time though! Bump coming along nicely! Lots of movement! X
  • Wow this has been an experience an a half for me image am currently nw 33wks an a day due on 24th aug can't wait. Still wrkn tho so can't wait for the time off hehe image xx
  • Me too! Finish 2 weeks tomorrow which will be day before am 37 weeks! Finished at 35 weeks last time!! X
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