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how is everyone doing?



  • Hi allie, how is the sleep going? We're not getting a great deal still.

    Bella isnt good with other people either, she cries if they speak to her! Even my mother and father in law.  

    We we went to Harry Potter just before I found out I was pregnant, we took our then 20 month old and we all enjoyed it. It was all decorated up for Christmas so looked lovely.

    Bella's still only commando/zombie crawling, but she's like lightening! She's got her second bottom tooth now too, and thankfully has stopped biting. She only feeds for about 4-5 minutes each feed now, and seems to be feeding a lot more regularly these last few days, not sure if it's a growth spurt or marking her territory because dd1 has been ill and wanting lots of cuddles so Bella's been left out a bit.

    hope you're all doing well


  • Sleep still not great! Now having difficulty settling!

    Now better with others though. At groups she has been crawling up to other Mums!

    She now has 4 teeth! Have had a few nasty bites! She is crawling, standing with support and clapping! 

    Glad you are doing well


  • Wow at all those teething standing and clapping! 

    glad that she is better with other people now.

    thats a shame about sleeping, Bella isn't good either. We're wandering around like zombies a lot!


  • The sleeping is so bad! Really struggling now! Took couple of hours to settle her last night! 

    She is such a different baby at night to how she is in the day!


  • oh no! Settling at first isnt a problem, but we put her down at 7, she'll wake at 8, have a feed at 9.30, then a formula dream feed at 10.30, then she's awake by 2 and will feed up to 4 times between then and 6.30 when I'm up with dd1. I'm trying to get her to have more solids to fill her up but not having much joy so far...

  • Oh no! Abigail was going down fine and would wake anywhere between 11 and 1 but last few nights been waking half an hour after going to bed. Then will either take 2 hours to settle or wake every 2 hours! Not sure if teething again. 

    We have done baby led weaning (used fruit pouches though) so wasn't eating much at first but is definitely eating a lot more now! X


    Never posted a pic of her! This was taken last week

    This one of my favourites too! X
  • Hi xxLoobyxx and AllieB82 - we just wanted to say how lovely it is to see you guys posting again on MadeForMums and seeing the pics of your beautiful little girl Allie.

    We totally sympathise with the sleeping - my youngest is 20months, and we still never know what the night holds for us!

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