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how is everyone doing?



  • Everything went well thank you. Very happy! Did stay team yellow but was so very tempting! Had bit of worry in afternoon as my son has come down with chickenpox but I'm fine as had it. So having to stay in today with no visitors and it's my birthday! However, all made better as crib and other baby stuff should be arriving! X
  • Yay for your scan going well Allie! I hope your little boy is ok with the chicken pox, hope the baby things arrived to help make your birthday a good one.

    My sickness went for a week or so, but has come back again now image I'm feeling movements quite a bit too, love them! Can't wait for our next scan. All being well we'll go for another private scan so we can take our daughter to see.


  • Allie glad to hear your scan went well. Hope your son is feeling better? All 3 of my girls had chicken poxs when I was about 5 weeks pregnant, to say the least it wasn't a very fun time lol 

    Looby will you have a private 3d scan? With my other 3 pregnancy I had one done at about 28 weeks but need extra nhs scans this time so not going bother. Boo to the sickness,  I can't believe your still suffering.

    How are your bumps looking? Mine is still quite small, im looking forward to the warmer weather so people can actually see that im pregnant lol x

  • Thank you. He is OK but very clingy. Have a noticeable bump. Went out on Sat night and felt odd being in a bar as looked huge in dress that I was wearing. A woman in the toilets insisted that I went ahead of her!! X

  • Glad your son is ok Allie.

    Hubs is quite keen for a 3d one this time, just to conform whatever they tell us at the 20 week scan, so yeah we will. We get 15% off because we went for an early reassurance scan.

    i've got a bit of a bump going on now, m daughter was teeny though at 5lb7oz, so looking back I wasn't very big with her at all, so hoping I get away with a little one again this time... Will post a picture once I'm dressed in proper clothes rather than my pj's



  • Looby omg 5lb 7oz is tiny, was she early? All my babies have got smaller every time so its not always true that 2nd babies get bigger x

  • No not early. By official dates she was 40+2, by my dates 39+3. me and hubs we're only 6lbs something so think we just are a family of little babies! Xxx.

  • Just lying in bed and my belly is moving a lot! Amazing!! Just keep watching it! X
  • Yay Allie! My daughter felt  baby kicking for the first time on Friday, she was amazed and keeps coming back and putting her hands on my tum saying "kick baby" image

    Happy Mothers Day everyone xxx.

  • Ah that's very cute! Happy Mothers Day to everyone too x
  • I love seeing this little lady move too. Happy mothers day all x

  • 20 week scan went well, and we found out we're team pink image

    My my did had been saying that all along so wasn't surprised haha xxx.

  • Congratulations x
  • Congratulations hun x

  • How are we all doing? Found out I have PGP. Hips really painful and sore all day and really bad at the end of the day!! Just need to see how it goes x
  • Sorry you're suffering with pgp Allie, I think I am too. Went to the gp a couple of weeks ago and he referred me to physio, but still waiting on that appointment. I've been trying all sorts to try and ease it, but found the support belt makes it worse!

    My dd got chicken pox 2 weeks ago, she was ok, just very spotty and wanted cuddles so i was carrying her round quite a bit. She's better now, just still a bit spotty.

    Bump is coming along well now, and got a lot of movement. I had an anterior placenta last time which muffled a lot of them, so loving feeling it all this time around.

    We've chosen what colour we're painting our eldests new bedroom, so we can start work on moving her out of the nursery. And we've got a new kitchen coming in June so lots of nesting happening haha.

    Hope everyone is well.


  • Allie I have suffered with pgp in all 4 of my pregnancies,  its not nice at all. I really recommend starting physio early as this is the only real thing that helps. I started physio aat20 weeks this pregnancy but still in a lot of pain.

    Looby I don't get on with the support belt either, I find it very uncomfortable. How exciting, hopefully its all finished b4 baby arrives. 

    Im really good, I have my 25 week midwife appointment next week and am really excited to see how baby is getting on x

  • Thanks girls. Have had physio this pregnancy for my back so need to do the exercises that was given that as it was a general group session. Have 28 week appt in 3 weeks so going to see how it goes until then unless gets really bad!

    Glad both doing well and glad your little girl is Ok after chicken pox Looby.

    Hoping to get a few house jobs done before August but not entirely sure they will. Moved here in November and is the first place that we have owned so not doing any painting etc. yet! My sons room is done but we had a decorator do that! X
  • Sorry that should have said not done any painting yet! X
  • Currently 26+ 3 and feel the size of a house! Been referred for physio due to hip pain and don't think I have much more room for this LO to get any bigger! lol

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