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how is everyone doing?



  • I'm feeling huge too mrsW2012! Baby doesn't have any more room to grow except out because she's already kicking under my ribs image 

    Decorator is coming to do my dd's room week after next, and kitchen should be done by 2nd week in August... Busy busy! 

    And my physio appointment is next Wednesday, hoping they can offer some tips to help.

    hope everyone is ok! Xxx.

  • I cant believe how many of us are suffering with pgp.

    Looby hopefully the kitchen is finished b4 baby arrives. 

    Im 25 weeks and still feeling tiny, had midwife today and im measuring 23cm so only a little bit small. I think my baby is laying really low as I get all my movements low down in my pelvis.

    I think we need some bump pics x

  • image

     me this morning at 25 weeks

    I can't seem to stop my pics coming out side ways lol x

  • Will try and take bump pic and put on here tomorrow as not put one on here yet x
  • Will take one this week, can't believe I'll be 25 weeks on Saturday, it's flying by!!

  • Beautiful bumpage by the way ilmg! You look higher than I am, but all lovely bump image Xxx.

  • Yes lovely bump x
  • I know I can't believe how fast time is going now. How is everyone getting on with buying for baby? I think im more or less done. My car seat arrived yesterday and I keep looking at it and thinking that in a few months my little lady will be in there x

  • More or less done. Few changing bits to get like nappy bin refills and changing mat. Am sorting out bits each month so this month is bathing and changing stuff. Need to check that our pushchair is still OK. Wanted new one but my husband convinced me that was a bit silly!!! Also stocking up on general bits so not having to nip out when baby born. Got all household supplies and nearly got all cupboard food, toiletries and pet supplies! X
  • Wow very organised allie, I didn't think about food cupboards/freezer but will definitely put that on my list now.

    I cant wait for the weather to get nice so I can wash and put away all of babies clothes x

  • Wow, you're so organised!! We've bought 2 baby grows and a cardigan... And that's it haha!

    We've got to get another isofix base, car seat, baby swing, mattress for Moses basket and cot, a more daddy friendly nappy bag (he hated my yummy mummy one!) and a couple more baby grows and probably some vests. Oh and some bottles. We've got to get our dd a new wardrobe as the one she has now is staying in the nursery. But we've still got the pushchair/pram and all of dd's baby toys, and a lot of her clothes will still be ok too. I do have a shopping problem, especially when it comes to baby clothes, I'm not safe to be let out on my own hahaha! I'm saving washing all the clothes until nearer the time too.

    I'm batch cooking now, but that's for when I lose my kitchen at the end of June. I'll do it again when I get on mat leave.

    I had a bad day yesterday with my back/hip/leg. Luckily my hubs had the day off work, I got stuck in the bathroom washing my dd's hands and he had to come and pretty much carry me to the sofa. First time the pain has made me cry it was so bad. Will be taking it much easier today!

    hope everyone is ok xxx.

  • Oh hope you are OK now Looby! My husband has gone away for work for a week so on my own! Hoping my son will be kind to me!!

    I loved having stocks in last time! Also did a treat cupboard which will do again too! Only have a small freezer this time so can't freeze much but am tempted to get freezer for the garage!

    Going to wait until a bit warmer to wash everything too.

  • image

    This is me and bumpy at 25+0 this morning xxx.


  • Lovely bump x
  • Looby that sounds horrible, hope your feeling better. Lovely bump x

    Allie hope the week goes fast for you?

    Is anyone thinking of getting a 4d scan done? I might get one done in a few weeks, I had one with all my other girls at about 28 weeks x

  • Thank you! Felt shattered yesterday and my muscles were really achey! My son woke up at 3 and then kept wanting me about 5 times in about half an hour!!

    Tempted by a 4d scan but don't think we will.

  • Feeling you on the shattered front! Our dd has taken to waking for the day at 5! We're moving her into her new bedroom in a couple of weeks so going to tackle it then, but until then we'll keep having naps and early nights! Hope you got some rest yesterday and had a better night last night!

    we're booked in for a 4d scan on 24th May when we'll be 27 weeks, want to take dd to "see" baby. We didn't have one last time, so quite  excited  about it.


  • How is everyone doing? My love of all food sweet has returned so im expecting to gain some serious weight from now on. I have been lucky up till now and only gained 6lb X


  • Have my gtt, whooping cough jab and 28 wk appt today! May start my hospital bag too!!! Tiredness definitely kicking in again and had a bit of nausea too! Hope everybody else is well! Can't believe I'm now in the 3rd trimester!

    Have to go pram shopping on Monday as the one from my son is broken! X
  • All fine! Measuring spot on. The baby kicked at the heartbeat monitor! Am being referred to physio for pgp. Will get gtt and blood test results next week. X
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