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how is everyone doing?



  • Allie glad all was well at the midwife and your finally getting referred for physio. Did your midwife say what position baby was in? Im getting all my movements really low down which is making me wonder what position my baby is in. My other 3 girls were head down by 28 weeks. 

    I can not wait till weds when I will be 28 weeks and in the 3rd trimester. Ive not heard anything about my whooping cough jab, I will ask my midwife next week x

  • No she didn't say what position baby was in but she did say she could feel a foot quite high up. Not had much movement that high up though x
  • Yay for being in the 3rd trimester!! 

    I went to see the physio, who gave me 2 giant bits of tubigrip that goes from the top of my bump down over my hips, but mostly feel like I can't breathe by the end of the day! She also have me some exercises to do. I went to see a chiropractor too, and that has helped, but have to go weekly until baby arrives.

    im jealous of you putting only 6lb on ilovemygirls! I'm at 15lb and still gaining fast haha.

    ive made a list for my hospital bag, and going to make a start on it soon. The work has started on our kitchen, and my dad's room is decorated and she's all moved in. Just waiting on her headboard and new wardrobe.

    we went for our 3d scan on Saturday, she's measuring a week behind, and weighs approx 2lb now. Definitely a girly, and she's in frank breech, so bum down with hands and feet up by her head. Will post a pic when I've caught up, but she is si much like her big sister!

    hope everyone is ok and keeping well. Can't believe we're under 3 months to go now, eeek! 


  • Looby she is beautiful. What are your movements like with a breech baby? I've been trying to work out for about a week what position my little lady is in coz I get all my movements really low down and into my bum and cervix.

    Im 28 weeks today and finally into the 3rd trimester. I have brought everything I need and just have hospital bags to pack and an overnight bag for my other girls. I have my midwife appointment tomorrow but still not heard anything about the whooping cough jab x

  • Fab pic!

    Have started packing our bags! Should hopefully finish them by Friday! On half term this week so also started washing all of baby's clothes and blankets! Got our new pram too!!!

    So so exciting!!

  • Allie what pram did you go for? X

  • Bugaboo cameleon! Wanted one for my son but my in-laws bought it so felt couldn't get something so expensive. We bought an ex-display model so was quite a bit cheaper than normal!! So excited about it!! X
  • Yay for getting your pram Allie!

    ILMG, movements are all over te place but a lot are low down, over towards my hips. If guessed she was breech from how far over she was kicking, if that makes sense! She is really low though, I can't lean forwards too much at work because she starts causing a fuss haha.

    You're both so organised having everything ready, I have literally just written my hospital bag list of things to buy last night and have still only bought 2 baby grows and a cardigan for her! I'll have to go for a mad weekend shopping spree soon. I feel like I have a lot of lists going at the minute with all the jobs we've got going on with the house, I need a list for my lists!

    My MW told me that I could book an appointment for the whooping cough jab after 28 weeks so should get it booked in really. I'm seeing her again on Monday so will probably book it then. 


  • Allie I love the bugaboo's

    Looby sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment, maybe a baby shopping spree is just what you need. 

    So my 28 week midwife appointment didn't go great, im only measuring 22cm at 28 weeks so have to go to the hospital tomorrow for monitoring and maybe a scan. She thinks baby is either head down and engaged or transverse but can't tell!! X

  • Oh no, hope everything is ok at the hospital tomorrow ILMG! I don't trust the fundal measurements they do, my mw once measured me 3 times until she got the one she wanted, but must still be worrying for you. Xxx.

  • Hope all goes well at your growth scan.

    I have to go to the hospital on Monday as my gtt was slightly raised so have to monitor my blood levels! X
  • So scan went ok, baby is measuring on the small side but within limits. My amniotic fluid is also on the lower end which needs to be monitored as my last dd had to be induced due to low water levels. Oh and my feeling was right baby is also breech.

    Allie good luck for monday x

  • Glad baby's ok, if measuring small. What are you measuring by scan? It's a good thing they're monitoring you, especially given your history. Hope you're ok xxx.

  • Glad baby OK and glad they are monitoring you.

    Thank you

  • Hi girls I've not been on as much this time round, I was here 2009, I'm due a girl 8/8 but possible two weeks sooner due to get being small, my first was small too, so wel see, but jeez I've really been getting braxtons quitebad the last two days, I have had them for three weeks but this weekend I've been wiped out aswell, I'm generally fit and healthy I'm still gyming 3 times a week (not pregnant 2/3 classes a day) so I'm being very careful now but not done anything for over a week, do any of u girls get these symptoms x


  • Wow to the gym! I've had quite a few Braxton hicks. Worst about 20 weeks but not too bad now x
  • I'm impressed at you still getting to the gym Laura! Im doing well if I walk to the shop at the end of the road already!! Ibe been getting Braxton hicks since about 19 weeks, they peaked at 25 weeks, but have eased off the last week or so thankfully. Hope yours ease off too.

    allie,  I hope you get on ok at the hospital today.

    ive got the midwife in a couple of hours. Going to make my whooping cough jab appointment too, have you had it yet? Xxx.

  • Laura well done you for still going to the gym. This is my 4th so I get lots of bh every day.

    Looby good luck at the midwife. I've not had my jab yet, my midwife didn't mention it and I totally forgot. 

    Allie good luck at the hospital today

    All good here, I have the midwife in 2 weeks at 31 weeks and if measuring small again will have to go for another growth scan so lots of eating for me over the next couple of weeks x

  • Thank you. Appt at 4

    Had my whooping cough jab 2 weeks ago. Was fine.

    Been back to work after half term today and got lots of comments about how much I have grown!

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