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how is everyone doing?



  • Well, midwife was ok, apart from measurements. according to my notes I'm measuring 2 weeks behind, but that's after 5 or 6 different measurements, ranging from 26cm (what's in my notes) to 31cm, which would have been off the scale... What tosh! I know they need to monitor growth somehow, but how can they do that with any sort of confidence when there's a 5cm variance in 1 appointment, never mind as the weeks go on? Anyway, baby is still breech, which I knew from feeling her head sticking out above my belly button.

    Midwife thinks that baby was totally upright at first measurements (the bigger ones) and she curled up after having her head pushed and prodded whilst they felt for the top of my uterus, which is what led to the smaller measurement.

    Don't think I'd ever get tired of hearing that little heart beating away though image

    I've booked my jab appointment for next Monday, although midwife didn't mention it today.

    Allie, I hope everything has gone ok at your appointment.


  • How frustrating about measurements!! Glad everything all OK.

    Have been given kit to test blood and need to go back on Friday to analyse results. Also have a physio appt a week on Monday for PGP.

  • Looby I read online that you measure bigger with a breech baby so that could be the reason for your larger measurement.

    Allie good luck for your test results on friday. Is it gestational diabetes they are testing you for?

    I went to see my best friends new born baby yesterday, I forgot how small they are. I will post my bump pic from today at 29 weeks x

  • image

     what a difference 4 weeks makes x

  • Lovely bump!

    Yes it is gestational diabetes they are testing for.

    Can't believe I am 30 weeks today!!

  • Lovely bump ILMG! I'll put mine on from last weekend shortly. My best friend is due 2 weeks before me, so im hoping that if she goes before me having some newborn cuddles will help start my labour! I'd read that about breech babies measuring larger too, it was obvious to me that baby was moving down and moving into transverse when they were prodding her head. I was joking yesterday though that I think she's going to love having her head stroked when she comes, just from how much I'm rubbing it when she decides to stick it out near my ribs and hurts me.

    i hope your results go ok tomorrow Allie. Yay for 30 weeks too ????



  • image

    This is me from last Saturday, bumpy is 28+0 xxx.


  • Looby our bumps look very similar.  I cant work out if baby is still breech, I have a hard lump under my right rib but seem to be getting movements everywhere now where as before they were all down very low.

    Allie good luck for tomorrow. 30 weeks already, its going so fast.

    My pgp isn't getting any better with physio and bump belt and with having 3 other children to run around after Im considering getting some co codamol off the doctor. I really don't want to take it but im in so much pain x

  • I'm getting movements all over too, it's obviously baby flipping around, just not the right way Iykwim? 

    Ive been seeing a chiropractor for my pgp, going for my 3rd appointment tomorrow, but not totally sure if it's helping. The first week it was amazing, then last week it eased a bit but I'm struggling again today quite a lot. Maybe it's stopping it being as bad as it would be without it though? What has your physio been doing for you? Mine gave me some tubigrip and exercises and an open appointment until October but that's it. i hope you can find something to help yours.

    Found out today that I'm anaemic (have been a few times in the past) so back on the iron tablets, and lactulose to stop the lovely side effects image Xxx.

  • Ooh fab bumps! Will try and get a pic on here and put up at weekend. Have had so many comments at how much I have grown this week!

    Thank you. Will let you know how it goes. No idea what they will say. Most results been fine but some have been higher than should be

  • Allie how did you get on at the doctors? 

    I brought the last of my hospital/kids bag stuff yesterday so all I need to do now is pack everyone's bags for while im in labour And I'm all done. Im feeling very organised for 29 weeks lol whooping cough jab booked for next week too. Part of me whats the pregnancy over with so I can move on to the next phase in my life but the other part wants to enjoy every last minute with my girls before the baby arrives x

  • Looby my physio puts my hip/pelvis back into place at every appointment and I have exercises to do at home but im in pain again within a week of my appointment x

  • Yes I need to pack Sam's bag for when go into labour too. Have started to get him some treats to keep him occupied. Ordering our buggy board this weekend.

    Appointment went well. Midwife happy with levels. Need to monitor blood 3 days a week and see consultant. Will also see diabetic midwife at 36 weeks. Taking part in research project where I have been given a phone so the blood test results go via Bluetooth from monitor to a phone I have been given. The midwife then picks them up and can get in touch if a problem. I can also contact her via the phone.

    Was very thorough appt and heard the heartbeat again. Was very nice as my husband hasn't heard it yet so called him in from the waiting room.

  • Glad your appointment went well Allie, and that your hubs got to hear the heartbeat. The study sounds interesting, hopefully it'll help keep you in the loop easier.

    ILMG, my physio did none of that, which is why I've been seeing the chiropractor. All mine did was give me the tubigrip and some exercises (pelvic floor, tighten tummy, and pelvic tilts). I've been reading up on ways to turn baby round too, and saw the downward dog yoga pose is supposed to be good... Chiropractor showed it to me yesterday, and there's no chance of me doing it how she showed me. Hubs is blowing up the gym ball for me to try and modify it using that! I tend to feel better for a couple of days after my appointments, but then it comes back like it's never been gone. Hope you can find something to help ease it. Did you get it with your previous pregnancies?

    Hope rveryone is having a nice weekend xxx.

  • hi ladies sorry I haven't been on here for long time as I got very confused with which was august 2014 thread and there not being lots of different topic posts. is this the only place you chat? I m due august 12th and have a now almost 15month old already. I m 31 weeks tuesday. and I m huge this time compared to last baby. you all look lovely with your slender bumps. sorry to randomly post just reminded myself to come back and see if there was any more posts 

  • Allie the research study sounds really good. Hopefully your blood sugars stay normal. 

    Loopy I should really get my ball out, is it helping? Yes I have had pgp with all my pregnancies but finding it extra hard this time having 3 other kids to run around after.

    Missdaisy welcome, this seems to be the only place we chat. Wow your nearly down to single figures,  I can wait to hit 31 weeks. How have you been feeling?  X

  • Had physio yesterday and wasn't particularly useful. Just went through exercises that I need to do which I had already been given! Am so so exhausted!

    How is everybody else?

  • Exhausted too! I'm anaemic again, so back on the lovely iron tablets.

    I'm thinking of ringing the physio again, been struggling these last couple of days, and the tubigrip she gave me is feeling really tight now. I hope you get some relief from it soon Allie!

    Hi missdaisy! It's a very quiet board, and this is where we seem to keep each other up to date with where we areimage I am feeling huge this time compared to my last pregnancy, I seem to grow overnight, I swear I'm loads bigger this morning than I was last night haha!

    ILMG, don't know if the balls helping or not, I keep thinking little miss has turned, but then I get that hard lump under my ribs again, and think probably not. She does keep going transverse, but can't seem to get past that. Will see next Monday when I'm back at the mw. I'm not surprised you're struggling with 3 other lo's! I know how hard I'm finding it with just the 1.

    We've started to rip out the kitchen, so that's me now eating out lots over the next 5 weeks. Oh and it's 3 years ago today I got my last bfp, can't believe how fast it's gone.


  • Allie hope your feeling a little less tired now.

    Looby enjoy the meals out over the next few weeks,  im very jealous of you not having to cook.

    I had my midwife appointment today and im measuring small again 26cm at 31 weeks so back at the hospital again tomorrow. Also midwife couldn't tell baby's position as water levels are low x

  • Ooh good luck for tomorrow x
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