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how is everyone doing?



  • Good luck for today ILMG! Hope all is ok again, and that baby has turned into te right position. I keep thinking mine has, but then I get the hard lump under my ribs again, so still not sure if it's head or bum...

    Has anyone chosen names yet? We're thinking either Annabelle Scarlett, or Annabelle Olivia. our surname starts with a K, so her initials will either be ASK or AOK, both make me chuckle and not sure if we're being mean haha.


  • Thanks for your well wishes. Hospital appointment went well, still measuring small but they are happy to leave me be for another 3 weeks and see how im measuring then. Also got the great news that little lady is definitely head down and 3/5th engaged image

    Loopy I had a really big painful movement on sunday and said to dh that I thought she had just turned around. I really like annabelle olivia,  we are going to call our little one yasmin x

  • Glad your appointment went well, and hopefully she'll have a bit of a growth spurt these next few weeks. Whoop whoop for her being head down and 3/5 engaged already, such a good girl image

    Yasmin is lovely! Xxx.

  • Glad appt went well and fab she is engaged!

    Love both Annabelle Olivia and Yasmin!

    If a boy he will be Joseph Andrew or Benjamin Andrew. If a girl Abigail Martha x
  • Looby and allie how are you both doing?

    The last 3 nights I have been so restless and weeing like crazy. Im sure its due to her head being so low. The thought of another 8 weeks with no sleep is very depressing lol 

    I am planning on packing my bags this weekend and then after that  just leaves getting the moses basket out at about 37 weeks. It feels like we are getting so close to meeting our babies now x

  • We're ok thanks! Baby has turned yay, nowhere near being engaged yet but I'm not worried about that. I've started packing my bag, still got a couple of bits to get, and got to wash baby's clothes still too. Kitchen is going to take another 3 weeks so can't do them before that. Measured 2 weeks behind, but still wothin the averages on the growth chart so that's all good.

    i feel your pain on getting up to wee, I think I've had maybe 5 nights the whole pregnancy where I haven't got up! My dd has decided that 5.30 is the perfect time to get up too, zzzzzz!


  • I'm good thank you. Hope you are too! So tired all the time and have had a busy week at work! Oh well just under 4 weeks left at work!

    Am finding the exercises from physio really helping with my PGP.

    I put up crib this week but wood cracked so waiting for new one. My husband got few bits of painting to do around house too and need to sort out babies room.

    Sleep has been pretty bad and had some horrible vivid dreams but last night not too bad.

  • Looby yay to baby turning. My dd has decided that 5.30 is also her new wake up time, it must have something to do with the lighter mornings. 

    Allie glad your pgp is a bit better. Omg the vivid dreams are the worst,  my dreams feel so real at the moment.

    Hopefully we all get a couple of weeks good night's sleep before our babies arrive x

  • Anybody taking anything to help with labour? Going to get some raspberry leaf tea today. Drank it last time. Not sure if helped but worth a go again!

    My last labour was about 5 hours from start to finish with an hour of pushing as he was almost back to back. Got to hospital and was 2cm at 6.30am and was fully dilated at 9.30 so worried how quick this one will be!

  • Im going to start my evening primrose capsules next week. I think it really helped me with the pushing stage of labour. I have never pushed for more that 10 mins.

    Allie I know what you mean about worrying about how quick labour might be. Everyone I talk to say 4th babies are really quick and im so worried I won't have time to sort children care out for my other 3 x

  • That is what I'm worries about. My brother-in-law loves about 20 minutes away. Have a friend round the corner who has agreed to have him too so should be OK. My in-laws are moving down here but won't have by then. They currently live 2 hours away.

    Hopefully can go to midwife unit which is 20 minutes as hospital in Oxford is 40 minutes away and traffic can be horrendous!

  • With my first the not knowing when it was going to happen was exciting but now I have the other kids to organise its more of a worry. Hopefully I go into labour during the night so dh will be at home and we can just lift them out of bed and into the car.

    I cant believe its the 1st of July and we are having our babies next month x

  • I know! Has gone so quickly! 34 weeks today and have midwife appt then have one every 2 weeks!!

  • hi ladies, can I join? Im 34 weeks today due 14/08/14 with 2nd baby, first a very boisterous 2 year ten month old, working 3 days absolutely shattered. never imagined a 2nd pregnancy would be so hard (sailed through first time pleasing myself, lol). finish work in 2 weeks. we have a yellow bump, never found out either time. Spent the last 9 weeks getting lo out of nappies, its been very hard but just about there. so got a 6 week reprieve before we start nappies with number two, lol! My toddler has also dropped his nap so I am putting cbeebies on after lunch and desperately trying to grab a ten minute cat nap just to keep me going. Its hard work! xx

  • Welcome Alfie. You are due the same day as me. I have a 3 year old. He hasn't napped for ages!! Miss them! I am also team yellow x
  • Hello ladies, and welcome Alfie! I think we were on the ttc board at the same time last time?  I was on the KWA threads back then anyway...

    I can't believe we're due next month! It has gone crazy fast this time around.  I have washed all baby's clothes, and got my bag packed, just got my tankini top and hairbrush to go in now.  Still got to do my daughters overnight bag though. My daughter dropped her naps for a little while a couple of months ago, she's back having them now thank god!  I wouldn't cope without that hour of quiet time.

    My PGP is so much better since she's turned head down, its crazy!  I still get off days, and can't walk very far but it is so much better than it was.  It could be down to the chiropractor too, but haven't seen her for the last 2 weeks and its still ok. 

    Our kitchen is finally being done.  The floor tiles were finished today, plumber has just left (yes at 9.30pm!) and we have the joiner coming to put up the new stud wall and sliding door into the utility tomorrow.  Then our plasterer is coming over the weekend to plaster the new bit.  Kitchen fitters start on Monday, eeek! The food side of things I was prepared for being rubbish, but I hadn't prepared myself for the amount of mess we've had.  Almost done now though, phew!

    Still feel like I can't think about baby coming until that's all finished with, so the nursery is still a complete mess as its become our dumping ground. But seen as she'll be in with us for a few months i'm not too worried.

    I am concerned about labour starting whilst i'm on my own with my daughter though, and what i'll do.  I went completely into myself last time, and I can't do that with a 2 year old around. And although i'm not worried about going to my brothers wedding (in Newquay at 39 weeks) my hubby is, as midwife put the fear of god into him about how quick he needs to get me to a hospital this time.  It took me 13 hours of contractions to get to 3cm last time, and I know it could be quicker this time, but that's still a good chunk of time to get to a hospital in my opinion... Hope i'm not deluding myself.


  • hi ladies, allie, wonder who will be first? was 3 days late last time. I finish work in a couple of weeks so want to feel ive done all the resting and nesting I need to do. Last time I felt a fortnight of that was enough as after that started to dwell on the birth! but this time I wonder if I will want to ward it off for longer as might be harder to feel ready. lo's 3rd birthday will be 7 days over my due date so not sure if id rather still be pg or have baby by then! no choice in it all anyway! ive probably forgotten how desperate you get when you have the constant legs in your ribs feeling at the end.

    hi looby, I remember you, how old is your daughter now? bless her my mum has done my bag for hospital she's brilliant like that. just about sorted with the nursery and having someone come and do hall stairs and landing next week. just run out of time and can't bare things not to be ticked off the list. even if it costs money. oh never here. always working! it must be hard to think about missing your brothers wedding, I think just be kind to yourself and if your uncomfortable take yourself off for a little lie down if possible. Have your notes with you and make sure you know where the hospital is. not much more you can do, im sure your brother and family will just appreciate you making an appearance. if things happen quick you know you can always call an ambulance, they'll take you to the nearest hospital quickly, but im sure you would probably at least have the time to get in the car with your oh if you know where you're going.

    its lovely to chat on here, have always found the ladies so nice and caring. I have been over to netmums as there are so many more women on there (it can just be so quiet on this site) but honestly there are some really horrible, stroppy judgemental people have never found it like that on BE. xx

  • I was 5 days late with my ds so think will be late again!

    Am I desperate to get things done! My husband is painting the conservatory this weekend so once that is done that is all the big house jobs we wanted done. Really want to sort the nursery but waiting for my husband to put up curtain pole. It is a tip and just want it sorting! Bags packed and washing car seat cover and swing cover today!

  • Morning ladies hope your all having a good weekend? Sounds like we have all been busy getting things ready for our little ones coming. Yesterday we went out and brought a new bed, upgraded from a king size to super king so spent the whole day rearranging our bedroom to fit it in. Also brought and made our crib which is all set up next to my bed.

    Hi alfie look forward to chatting with you. I don't think I will be first as im due the 20th and all mine have come between 39-40 weeks. 

    Looby my 1st took 42 hours and my 2nd was only about 8 from first little period pain so 2nd babies do tend to come a lot quicker.

    Allie did you start your raspberry leaf tea? I started my evening primrose on weds and going to built up the dose slowly. 

    I have midwife weds so will be good to hear baby. Hopefully im measuring spot on this time x

  • Yep have started my raspberry leaf tea. Trying to have one a day but sometimes don't get chance x
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