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What are you all craving? This is my 4th baby and I have never craved everything in my previous pregnancies but this time I loveeeee curry, Indian takeaway or just curry sauce.

Everyone keeps saying curry is a boy craving but after 2 scans confirming its a girl im 100% sure she is a girl x


  • I must admit I had a craving to eat chalk the other day - my friend used to get her dh to buy her sticks of it , weird - anyway - tried it n the sensation was good but made me feel quite nauseous after , my sis used to lick coal dust when she was expecting her twins , I just have to have a decaff mocha every few days , but that's about it this time , craved cheese on toast with ds n ice cream with crunchy nut cornflakes with eldest , love curry too thai red is one of my faves atm yum!! x x 

  • Chalk?! image can you not get ill with that?

    My midwife said if i ever got cravings like that i needed to ring her as you should avoid. Ive heard about loads women having cravings for coal and sand lol.

    Ive not had any cravings and this is my first pregnancy and im 33 weeks plus 4 days. My friend reckons i have and that its cadburys creme eggs as ive brought some of them, the ice cream they do and also the new buiscuits they sell with the gooey stuff inside but ive always loved them so its not new to me.

    I had curry a few months back and was up all night throwing up. Never again while im pregnant lol xx
  • I don't know , was just a nibble n it was horrid - wont be doing it again , funny what we fancy though isn't it , everything tastes weird to me again n tea is making me feel sick like in the early weeks , my friend s' sickness returned in her last few weeks of pregnancy , at least we get a bit more empathy than in the early weeks when people don't know x 

  • Eve chalk lol I have known people to crave strange things but couldn't understand it till now as I have never had cravings before. I had a curry microwave meal for lunch yesterday and was disappointed when I couldn't have curry again for dinner lol x

  • Milk and cheese mmmmm! Can't get enough of either. I was the same with my dd though. Funny because dairy is usually a boy craving. Can't stand anything sweet though, and I've always had a sweet tooth. Xxx.

  • Looby I can't stand anything sweet either and sweet food is meant to be a girl craving. Goes to show its all old wifes tales x

  • I know , I read up on it n if it's really dusty chalk it can be dangerous , but I only had the littlest nibble , apparantley it can mean you're calcium deficient but I take a calcium n vit d supplement every day , I have also gone off sweet things , usually my downfall , I'm going with "have whatever you fancy " trouble is I don't know what I fancy , things have started to taste odd again , n gone off tea a bit - odd !! def sounds like you have a curry craving , mine was cheese with ds , do you know what you're having looby ? , did you hear laura had her baby at 35 weeks , on Friday - made me panic a bit - I'm not ready to have a baby in 5 weeks , all is well n they are back at home , I really need to get organised ..... you never know when it might happen ..... sorry , bit freaked out right now imagex x x 

  • I couldnt believe Laura has had the baby already either! Although she did say she had a feeling she would be a bit early.

    Im 35 weeks next week! All my family reckon im going to be a week or two early so will just have to see. I need to make sure all my hospital bag is packed lol xx
  • I know , she had said for a few days she had felt she would be early , brings it home how close we could be though doesn't it , baby was wriggling like crazy after I read it , telling me who's boss I reckon image have only got pads n massage oil so far !! baby bag's done so s/he will be ok , we're going away for our wedding anniversary next weekend , be just my luck to go in then ... joking aside though , have been a week early with 3 of them only 2nd dd was 3 days late , n she is still always late getting up in the mornings l ! x x 

  • Eve I can't believe your 30 weeks already, it has gone so fast. 2 of my girls came on there due dates and dd2 was 3 days early so I don't even consider there being any chance that I will go into labour before 39 weeks so would be totally unprepared if it did happen. Because this is my last im happy for the pregnancy to go a bit slower so I can enjoy every minute of it x

  • I know , it really has seemed to have gone fast this time , I think it's because this is also my last planned pregnancy ( I have said that with the last 2 ) but think my age will be the deciding factor this time , I have mixed feelings , I love being pregnant , and have never wanted them to end ,but the end few weeks are hard going sometimes , always wanted to train as a midwife but have to stop having my own babies first , does anyone know if there's a limit to the age you can be to train ? x x  

  • The last few weeks are really hard a specially when you have other kids to look after and get up with in the night ect. I love everything about pregnancy and labour so would also love to be a midwife but by the time this baby is at school I will be 36 so think I might have left it a bit late. When I think that this will be my last pregnancy and baby it makes me really sad. Me and dh have spoke about him getting the snip or me getting the rod in my arm after. What are you thinking of doing with regards to not getting pregnant again? X

  • Hello lovely ladies,

    Mine so far has been salt and vinegar crisps - yummy! I have not had crisps for over 2 years before I got pregnant, but now, I cannot get enough of them. I also tried the healthier options like Snack A Jacks, but they are nowhere as nice as Golden Wonder fatty crisps image I also love cheese, but always loved that so not sure if that is a craving really.

    I have heard of chalk and bath sponges ha ha

    I'm sad to see that this will be the last baby for some of you guys. I really hope that I can do this again, because I think that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing a woman can experience. I am only 18w+4 today and already planning baby no.2 ha ha


  • Sweetjudy lovely to hear from you. How are you doing? Hows the bump coming along? It can't be long till your 20 week scan. Oh salt and vinegar crisps and cheese are meant to be boy cravings. Do you have a gut feeling on the gender? X

  • Hi ilovemygirls,

    That's exactly what I've read. I always thought that the little one is a girl but with all these cravings and not liking anything sweet I keep thinking that itmight be a boy. We are going for a scan on Monday,I will be just over 19 weeks  and I'm hoping that they will be able to tell us the gender. We are both very exited image The bump is growing nicely image I will post an update later. I don't get a chance to come on here every day,we are house hunting and literally out all day,very tiring! DH arranged almost 5 viewings got today plus an appointment with a mortgage advisor - when will I have time to eat??How are you getting on honey? Is the bump looking bigger? Xx

  • Sweetjudy I will be stalking the page on monday to find out the gender. Good luck house hunting. My bump is still quite small but I still haven't gained any weight so that could be why. Nicole has her gender scan today, im fingers crossed that she is team pink x

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