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Jelly-like discharge at 32 weeks

Hi, I'm 17 years old pregnant with my first baby. I am currently 32 weeks and kind of worried. Sorry for the oncoming tmi.. :/

I have had white discharge throughout my pregnancy which my doctor told me was completely normal. Today, however, I've seen little bits of clear, odorless, jelly-like discharge (kind of like the glue you find on magazines.) I have effectively freaked myself out by looking it up and being told it could be my plug (which would mean early labor.) I need some perspective on what this could be or if I should just see it as another 'wonderful' part of pregnancy.

- Gabby


  • Hi I had this all the way thru my pregnancy i too was worried as was on premature prevention and had regular cervical scans due to some surgery I had a few years back but I made it to 38 weeks 6 days when I went in for a planned c section x

  • I've been getting it too, some people do lost there plug in bits, butt it usually has some blood in it I think. If you're worried about it, I'd give your midwife a ring. It's better to get some advice rather than sit worrying yourself. Xxx.

  • Hi Gabby image

    It does sound like parts of your mucus plug coming away, but don't panic, it doesn't mean labour is imminent, it just means your cervix is softening and shortening ready for birth. If the mucus is blood-tinged then this can mean labour is very close (but possibly still days away) as this is caused by small blood vessels in the cervix rupturing as it dilates, but clear/white/yellowish stretchy mucus is nothing significant really.

    I lost my plug at 26 weeks, and my 2nd baby girl was born at 41+2, she's now 7 weeks old. If you don't go into labour after you lose it, it just re generates. Hope that helps xx
  • Thank you to everyone who replied! I ended up going into the ER a few days after posting because a triage nurse told me to. Everything was/is fine, but they never checked my cervix there and won't until my next appointment on the 29th, if even then..

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