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Due in August 2014 (MFM)

Welcome to the MFM Due in August 14 thread!

Do please sign in and get to know other MFMers who are having a baby at the same time as you.


  • Due August 22nd! Surely Im not the only one!

  • Hi LeanneThomas. Lovely to see you here! And congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Let's hope we can smoke out some more mums-to-be who are due in August and would like to join the chat!

  • Hi Leanne and other August 2014 mums,

    I am due on 18th Aug with my 2nd baby - I have a two-year-old already.

    Exciting! Is it your first?


  • Its my 3rd! I have a daughter Zia who is 5 and a half and a Son Caden who is 3.

  • Aah, gorgeous names! My son is Rafi - he'll be three when we have the new baby and I think he gets it - he talks about having a baby in his tummy too! 

  • Do you know if you are having a boy or girl? We are having a boy. We cannot agree on a name though! Have you any names agreed?

  • No, we didn't find out and I really have no idea - with my son I was sure he was a girl but everyone else thought he was a boy - and they were right! 

    We've started thinking about names but it's so hard - lots of the ones we liked last time I've kind of gone off because it feels like we should have a new list. But last time we looked through literally thousands before getting down to about 5 for a girl and 2 for a boy!  

    Sure we will have some inspiration soon! At least we've still got almost four months - I think we are going to need itimage

  • So are we! EVerything I like my OH doesnt and vice versa! Although I had a girls name for my daughter that I insisted on and when she was born I changed my mind. I really think that you have to see them before making a final decision. I wouldn't even let my husband get a look in and insisted she would be called Lilia. So when she was a girl ( we didn't find  out) my OH said "Lilia then?" I said no it doesn't suit her... he just replied I'll get the name book again then! And right on the last page we found Zia! It suits her perfectly. Caden was a list of 3 that we liked and finally decided on it when he was 4 days old! Until then he was " the baby"

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