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Welcome one welcome all

So glad to see this topic, I am due sometime in the first 2 weeks of feb with bb no 2 - not exactly sure when as not 100% sure of my dates but somewhere between 3rd-10th Feb.

Congrats all on your BFPs and cant wait to meet some new bump buddies. I really enjoyed using this site with my first, swapping mobile numbers to give out birth announcements and am looking forward to again!





  • Hey LH image congratulations on your BFP! Only got my BFP this morning and I'm still in shock! This will be my 1st, I see from your pic you have a bub already? xxx

  • Yeah she starts school in sept it goes so quickly! Congrats on your BFP, I'm still getting my head round it too!



  • YAY finally our own forum! yay x

  • Hello image ive worked my due date as 31st Jan (hope you don't mind me posting here image ) my daughter was 2 in May and I loved BE the first time round. Met lots of lovely people and hope to do the same again image) congratulations everyone! Xxx

  • Hi all! Are any of you freaking out?! I only got my BFP this morning and every twinge is stopping me in my tracks because I'm terrified it won't stick! Any words of wisdom? I know I'm being an idiot, think I'm just getting used to the news! xxx

  • Lou I'm the same. I think early preg symptoms are similar to AF. I've had a pain in the lower right hand side but I'm hoping ita just stretching. It's 2 weeks since I got bfp and still not sunk in. Is this your first? Xx

  • Thanks MAMT, glad it's not just me! I did read earlier that the cramps tend to me more intense on the right because of the uterus tilting? Congrats on your bfp - what number baby is this?

    This is my 1st, lots of my friends have babies but it still doesn't quite ring true that we are having one! Dh is annoyingly chilled out about the whole thing! How's your fella dealing with it? xxx

  • This is my second. Doesn't feel any easier second time round tho. Still such a worry! Got bfp 2 weeks ago. Don't think it's sunk in for either of us to be honest xxx

  • How weird I'm cramping on right side right now! I feel horrendous already, had easiest preg ever with my dd so am hoping this means its a boy lol....or twinners!? 


  • I loved being preg first time round. I could just lounge about and have nice baths lol def a dif ball game with a toddler in tow! lol xx

  • No easier the second time round I would say with a toddler in tow! we will see. It's funny lh86 I've felt horrendous so far too and hoped it was a sign of a girl!!

  • Ha ha only time will tell. I can't wait for my first scan. Defo thinking ill getting a gender scan. Keep checking wowcher as they do deals sometimes. I had a 3d one with Caitlin so ill prob have one of those too. When are you going to tell ur  little one? I was thinking maybe to wait till I'm showing as she's starting school sept so has a lot to deal with already and I don't want her asking when babes is coming every day. She's gona b so excited x

  • im going to wait till I'm 12 weeks and its public knowledge as I don't want her telling people on my behalf lol we're going to stay team yellow image

  • I'm going to wait will after 12 weeks all being well the 12 week scan will be just before our holiday so will make a massive deal about how important he is to us so he gets used to the idea without feeling pushed out 

  • Yeah we're going away in my 11th week be nice to have a week away just the 3 of us x

  • my only symptoms too at the moment is cramping, but on my left hand side! i so dont know when to tell folk, last time round i told parents at about 9weeks i think, i just cant keep a secret! this time i want to get a tshirt for my son to wear saying, im the big brother or something like that and have the family round then see how long it takes them to read his tshirt and click lol!

    i hear there is also a private facebook page, i used this site for my first and we did move over to fb too, so who should i contact and what site are we goign to be using the most? i will get lost with all these different groups lol

  • It's lolo80. I'm not in FB so will b staring put here! I like the idea of the tshirt x

  • Hi ladies

    Congratulations to all. I got my BFP on Friday & I'm still in shock. This is number 2 & definitely not planned so soon. I'm bridesmaid twice this summer so we were going to try after that, ops. Our son has just turned 3 & really is the love of my life, along with hubby of course, haha. I have worked my due date out to be 12th Feb but booked to see the doctor on Wednesday so it may change. I'm 29 but will be hitting the big 30 this summer.

    Wishing you all a happy 9 months xxx

  • Congrats els x

  • congrats elsebump

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