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So whats next?

hey although this is my second ive totally forgotten what goes on, must dust off the old pregnancy diary book.


my first question is when are you all going to go to the doctors to get booked in?

anyone else have any questions?


  • My docs said dont bother seeing them as its 2nd baby if iv got positive test then just book in with midwife at about 8/9 weeks x

  • Mines my first and the doc wasn't bothered either. Am now waiting for the midwife to get in touch. 

  • stupid question! where would i find the mw number from lol

  • I booked mine at the doctors they gave me another maternity book to fill in. Call your docs they will tell you what to do next x

  • Where I live you have to go and see your Gp (GP doesn't actually do anything!) who then informs the mw. I first saw the m/w at 10 weeks for booking in.



    SB x

  • Thanks shall give the gp a call wasn't sure if best to wait a more wekes or just do it now, still can't quite believe it 


  • I got my bfp last Wednesday and got my doc appointment on Thursday. Will they get me to do another test?x 

  • Mine didn't, I had 3 positives so they didn't bother. Midwife rang today and I'm seeing her in 2 weeks so will be at 8 weeks+1 by that point x

  • Hi Katie! I don't think most dr's bother now since HPT's are so accurate xx

  • Great I won't have to go with a full bladder! I've got a pic of the cbd if she needs proof lol xx 

  • Icicle Katie's you did make me giggle on showing the doctor the photo, I have to keep looking at my picture to make sure I am lol, toast time round I had a photo of lots of tests showing the BFp, this time round I only have the one digital, hubbie wouldn't let me take anymore lol.

    i will ring the docs in the morning see what the procedure is in my area.

  • LOL! A photo is a great idea - reminds me of when I had my wisdoms out and took a few days off work to recover. They asked to see a sick certificate - I thought that was outrageous so I sent HR a picture of my Lesley Ash face and asked if that was was! xx

  • LOL - lou4966 thats sooo funny!! I can just imagine imagine their faces on receiving the picture LOL! x

  • Well just phoned doc and they till do booking in appointments but I can't get one unil 9th July! I'll be 9 week then, then they refer you to mw,  but will let have enough time and space to get me in for. 12week scan! Oh I was in pound store so bought another test just to check lol

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