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Why why why do I feel so ill!?

Seriously I breezed thru my first pregnancy. Wouldn't have known till I had a bump. This time round I seem to have every symptom going x about a million and have done since 7dpo. just seems to b getting worse and worse! and now i feel like I'm getting sinusitis to top it All off. Is it a 2nd pregnancy thing? I knew it would be harder with a lo but I'm used to being tired that doesn't bother me so much I'm just tireder that usual. I just feel like complete and utter sh**e! 




  • I feel the same, but there seems to be a bug going round at work so hopping it is all do do with that.

  • Totally sucks! I know (hope) it'll pass eventually. My mum said she was terrible with my little sister so maybe it runs in the family x

  • Me too! My cramps and tiredness are so much worse already and started about 5 dpo! It sucks!!

  • Oh no! hope you feel better soon hun thinking of you. I feel lucky, all I have so far is mood swings! Xxx

  • That's all I had with my first. It must be a subsequent pregnancy thing. Some say your body gears up quicker cuz it already knows what to do. Am off docs today got sore throat n ears n my sinuses are killing me x

  • I think I would prefer to have some symptoms. At present I seem to have hardly any and it's very worrying. I've had cramps and sore breasts that seems to wear of a little some days. Possibly mood swings (but that could be down to how worried I am about this pregnancy). No tiredness, need to pee, morning sickness or back ache! Starting to wonder if there's anything there!!

    still not nice that you are feeling rubbish though image xx

  • The week I've been falling asleep in a sec knelt exit thing I know doges alarm goes off, befell knackered, lack of caffeine or no caffeine doesn't help. I've had. Complete nark at hubbie due to his mess this morning, and I've got slight pains in front area and a random sharp back pain. Can't remember if I was like this with the first. 

  • Booooo got ear throat and sinus infection no wonder I feel sh*t! imageGot amoxicillin 500mg for 5 days to clear it all up x

  • Oh no LH86 - thats plop!!! Hope you feel better soon!! x

  • Thanks chick x 

  • Ah rubbish, get well soon x

  • What a ball ache! Get well soon LH! Xxx

  • Got a few days off work at least lol. Feeling bit better today its all in my throat n chest now so must be on its way out. Tummy really hurts from all the coughing and nose blowing. Really don't like taking medication when pg, and I had to pay for it cuz not got my exemption cert yet! Should b able to claim it back though x

  • You feeling any better LH? xxx

  • A little just sick of this sinus headache. Have totally lost my appetite and am constipated what a whinge bag lol x

  • aww you're allowed to be a winge bag to us! Hope you start feeling better soon! xxx

  • Poor you LH86, lets hope it starts clearing up soon foou you, and I agree you can totallay winge away

  • Thanks ladies! X

  • So sorry you are feeling poorly girls. I really didnt like pregnancy the first time round. I had the worst morning sickness from about 7 weeks to 5 months so I'm praying with all my might that it doesnt happen again. So far I'm tried in the afternoons & have sore boobs. I was also so swallon from 5 months that I could hardly sit/stand up without wanting to cry. When i got our unplanned BFP my first reaction was to cry as I'm so scared of getting ill again.

    I hope you all start to feel better soon x

  • I had it easy first time round and I mean easy so I shoulda guessed this time would be hard. Hoping it means blue bump lol x

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