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Very excited!

Hello ladies,

I got a BFP this weekend, can't believe it as we had only been trying for 6 months and me and hubby were both told we had fertility problems when we were trying for my son (they put us on the IVF waiting list and we fell with him naturally - he is nearly 2).

So maybe our problems wern't as bad as they said! Anyway, its early days as I think I am due 22nd Feb but with my long cycles I think it will be a little bit later than that so we may creep into March! 

I am going to have an early scan so I can relax a bit, I got a very faint line and 1 - 2 on a clearblue digital when I thought it should be 2 - 3 so feel a bit nervous ( with my son got a very strong line and 3+ straight away), although have felt a bit sicky today and I never had any morning sickness with my son so maybe this pregnancy will just be different (hope the labour is different anyway!! Haha).

Congrats everyone and looking forward to chatting! image


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