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Newbie, second time around

Hey there. Thought I'd pop my head in and say hello. Obviously I'm pregnant, think I'm due 5th Feb but with crazy mental periods since I came off the pill in Jan I could be due anthing from 24th Jan to 5th Feb.  I've already got a little boy, he was 4 1st June.

Wasn't gonna pop my head into any forums until after my 12 week scan but I'm feeling like total c**p.  With my first I had nausea and no problems all the way through, not even tiredness. This time round OMG!!!!!!! I've been sick for 3 weeks now, I'm so tired I could give a sloth a good competion, my hair is greasy, my skin is spotty, I've already had swollen shiny ankles and now I feel like RSI in my arm.  Oh and pains in my belly by my hip bones. Think I've covered EVERYTHING!!!

Bleughhh, not enjoying this pregnancy sooo far, hope to God this doesnt last too much longer!

Looking forward to when my midwife books me in, when she said see you in a few years after the birth of my son I laughed in her face and told her she must be kidding!

Hope everyone is well ximage


  • Im on BB no 2 and had the best pregnancy ever with my first but this time round I feel like [email protected] too its been totally horrendous so your not alone! Congrats and welcome! x

  • Aw sorry to hear you are feeling so pants. I breezed through my first pregnancy so am a little worried this might be worse, I'm still early days but I feel so zapped of energy and really irritable! Ah the joys! Haha image x

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