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4D Gender Scan

So Ive just brought a voucher from Groupon for a 10 minute take a peek 4D scan with gender confirmation and one colour picture at a midwife led place in shepshed called miracleinprogress. Worth £69 but I got it for £27, im soo pleased with my bargain and cant wait either! Had a 4D scan with my first but paid for a £90 package and it was soo wicked to see her moving about x


  • Ah wow that does sound like a bargain! We had one with my son and I loved it so think we will have another this time all being well image xx

  • Yeah we had one with our first it was brill x

  • Out of interest, at how many weeks would you go for this scan? Been having a little look and the cheapest package I can find in my area is £145 image Seems a bit excessive to me

  • They will let me have it 17 weeks onwards. It's only a ten minute scan with one pic but for 27 quid it's brill! Their usual packages are very expensive. I had one with my dd at 25 weeks and it was 90 but got a 30 min dvd, and loads of pics x

  • We had our 4D scan at 30 weeks, we had a little sneak peak in 4D at our 16 week private scan an it was nowhere near as good as later on, I think if you are going to spend lots of money on one definitely try and hold out until later on in the pregnancy xx

  • Yeah the baby has more fat on it so u get a better picture of what he/she looks like. I just want to c what I'm having really! X

  • if i got a good price i might do it, but i dont want to spend alot on it, they do look lovely the pics, still cant decided whether to find out the gender or not yet! knew for our first as hubbie looked when he was told to turn away ha ha,

  • Yeah see Im not in a position to pay a lot out this time round as being made redundant next week and I would rather spend my money on stuff for all of us, holiday, new pram etc! So when I saw this groupon deal I was like...I gotta get that for 10 mins and a pic its great. If youre on groupon or wowcher do keep your eyes peeled, theyre always doing gender scan deals sometimes you can get one of the big packages for like £70 reduced from £145 or in my case just a quick ten min appointment worth £70 for £27. Any if you dont want to find out the gender they just wont look. Ive been checking every day for weeks as they were doing one just as I found out I was pregnant but didnt want to buy too early just incase x

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