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natural conception 5 years trying but pregnancy still a surprise!

Hello ladies.  Nice to meet you.  Im 7 weeks now and suffering from morning sickness.  I could really do with meeting other pregnant ladies.  My best friend won't talk to me cos she lost a baby and I don't have a mother or sister and only just moved to the area and I haven't told work yet. I keep worrying about my symptoms cos I don't know what's normal.   Its my first ever pregnancy.  Any tips are so welcome particularly morning sickness.  Struggling with that. Thanks so much xxx 


  • Hi ShellF,

     This is my first baby too so I know what you mean about worrying about every little symptom, as soon as something happens I'm googling it. 



    I've had the odd day of sickness but a fair bit of nausea, its usually worse when I'm hungry, eating little and often seems to help me, but its not always easy as I often don't want to eat but having to make myself.



    Hope you start feeling better soon

  • Hicongrats and congrats, this is my third attempt at a reply hope it doesn't multi post! Have you joined the Facebook group, quite few of the ladies have been suffering from sickness and may have tips for you.

    i try to come on here as often as possible and really found it useful with m first pregnancy, I've got my scan next week so nice that is done and I have been reassured that everything is ok I might start relaxing and enjoying it, at the moment I'm just tired and gnausea feeling very nausea, hubbie must love having me around at mo lol 

  • Welcome and congrats! X

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