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How are we all?

Afternoon ladies just dropping in to see how we all are now were coming up to that elusive viable 24 week mark? Soon it'll b Xmas then we'll be starting the real countdown, I can't wait! I know a lot of you use FB but I'm not on there so just checking in with u all image x


  • Had lots more movement now so feeling much happier. Think bub was just having a quiet few days. Its still scary though. Hows your little one? Will you have to have another scan to check her growth or are the docs happy?! 

  • Awww good. Yeah I'm ok thanks, got an internal scan at 30 weeks to see if I'm likely to go early. First was 10 days early so think ill b early again Plus the fact this one feels like she's engaged already n already lost a few tiny bits of my plug. Don't see mw till 28 weeks only seen her twice so far. 9 weeks n 16 weeks so I won't know till 28 weeks if she's caught up or still small. My bump measures quite a few weeks behind but that's me measuring it myself so it could b wrong x

  • Sounds exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, how can you tell shes engaged?      not too long to wait now, and i just keep thinking every week that passes, they get stronger and stronger.  Cant they offer you a growth scan before thirty weeks? I went up to the hospital because of a private scan showing i measured behind and the hospital did a scan which showed baby was growing perfectly and the private scan worried me for no reason. x

  • She just feels so low and can feel her right down in my pelvis crashing n bangin in to my bones down there lol. Hoping midwife will send me for a growth scan after my next app, 24 weeks today I am officially viable Whoop whoop! Thinking a lot about the labour and birth now. Just want her here x

  • Ive got the same feeling. I want my little boy here now too. Yay for having healthy babies soon. Next thing will be getting nervous about the birth! X

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