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Weight gain

Hi everyone just wanted some advice really. Have always been a bit wary of my weight and I am expecting to pile it on but I am only 17 weeks and have put on half a stone. It all seems to be round bump so at least I know it's baby but just wondered if that sounds a bit excessive to anyone? Found out I'm having a boy yesterday. So excited!! Xx


  • Hi Rose,

    Unfortunately, I have not had a full pregnancy image (only got to 13 weeks before my MC) but half a stone does not seem excessive at all. 


  • No hun sounds normal. Everyones different think the guidelines are up to half a stone in first trimester. My 1st I put on about 3 or 4 stone by the end but this time round I'm 13 weeks tomoz n only put on just under 1lb x

  • Sweetjudy21 I am so sorry to hear that. I wish you a healthy pregnancy in the future xx lh86 thank you for the reassurance. Just wasn't  sure what was classed as normal or not and feel like I'm filling out rather quickly. Hope all is going well with everything. Xx

  • Yeah I'm ok ta u? X

  • Good, Yea thanks all seems to be going well! X

  • Hello Rose86,


    That is good to hear. have you picked your pram yet? xx

  • No not yet. Its my first baby and i havent a clue which one to go for..... too many to choose from. Still seems surreal xx

  • Bless you imageimage I started pram shopping at 4 weeks ha ha

    Unfortunately I ended up not needing one, but I'm hoping that this month is my month so you never know I might be out there again soon image My favourite one is the Quinny Mood - white with pink for a little girl image and white and black for a little boy image


  • I'm going for venicci travel system it's lush and comes in 50 colours x

  • Hey LH86,

    Not heard of those before, I'll have a quick look on google


  • They sell them on eBay they're beautiful but I think there's a venicci website aswell they're about £400 but only £300 on eBay. I fell in love with the black with a white frame I need it in my life! x

  • Oh also if you're a member of bounty they're doing an offer with online4baby hauck travel system for 190 I think worth 350 it's on for another 5 days x

  • oh il have to have a look at these then. Thanks for the tips ladies. Sweet judy I keep everything crossed for your bfp. Don't give up! I've been there and know how it feels but it will happen. Keep us updated xxx

  • Hello ladies,

    Rose,I will keep you updated image Will test this weekend if af doesn't turn up xxx

    LH, will have a look at those travel systems, had a quick google and they look good image


  • Just had a look at both and they are equally lush. Still feel like i should wait a few more weeks even though i am itching to buy xx

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