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reassurance please :(

Hi everyone i am 28 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing reduced movement for about 5 days now. I have been up to the hospital and they say his heart is beating perfectly and they are happy. I am feeling movement daily but feels like he has calmed down a bit compared with a week ago. I am having a scan today but i think thats more for my reassurance than anything. All this said he is having a good fidget at the minute but is it normal to have some quieter days than others? As i say docs don't seem to b concerned at all. Any one with similar experiences, can you offer any advice? Thanks.


  • Hey chick yeah quieter days are normal especially as he gets bigger but ur doing the right thing by reporting it to midwives and GPS. My girl has some real quiet days even though I've been feeling movement for almost 12 weeks now she still likes to chill out a bit sometimes x

  • Thankyou, have just come back and they said all was ok and that they dont mind if im up there 100 times as long as im happy.  its just such a scary time, feel like its too easy to get paranoid. I want this baby so much, im terrified something will go wrong.

  • Not long now till he'll b in ur arms image x

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