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Due Dates

Hi Ladies,

Shall we start a due date list so we can keep track of everyone?

I will try to write everyone's dates here on the front page if you can remind me of your latest due date and if you like whether this is your first, second, third etc.  We can hopefully keep it updated as we have our dating scans and eventually might be able to say if we are blue, pink or yellow image

Feel free to join us if you are due late in May or early July too.



4th:    Busylizzy23 (2nd baby)

7th:    Laura40 (1st baby)

11th:  preciouschild

12th:  gingerpoodle (2nd baby)

13th:  libbybaby1 (1st baby)

15th:  Cupcake Kate (3rd baby),

16th:  StubbornBrit (2nd baby)

19th:  GG2 (1st baby)

20th:  Evenmum (5th baby)

21st:  tinkerbell573 (2nd baby)

22nd: TulipRose (2nd baby), Annie7 (2nd baby)

30th:  NewMrsM (2nd baby)



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