Preggie pops

Hi I just ordered some preggie pops as a last ditch attempt to make it through the next few weeks. I can't help thinking they might be a con so I was wondering if anyone else has tried them? There really isn't a lot I am eating at the moment. I stood wretching at the fridge this lunchtime and in the end went and got a fishcake from the chip shop with extra vinegar!! The perks of working from home eh? My poor poor pickled and battered baby.


  • What are they?
  • I was wondering the same? X

  • They are lollipops to take away morning sickness.

    They do drops too. Will let you know x
  • They sound gross. I have ginger sweets which taste like gingernut biscuits. They're a bit too sweet. I don't think my body can cope with too mich sweet stuff.

  • I've never heard of them. Might give them a try if it gets too bad. I've been having nausea on and off  the last two weeks. But it's definitely coming with more avengence the last few days. Eating actually seems to hep but I'm being quite picky! Sucking mints also seems to help. 

    I've struggled quite a lot today with feeling ill and unfortunately I've had to teach p.e this afternoon which was not the best feeling! I have to try hard with a class full of children to try to be nice and professional when I really want to be sick or go for a lie down!! 

    Let us know how the preggie pops go down TulipRose xx

  • i googled them. i think ill give them a miss as it seems to be sweet that meke me sick

  • Hi,

    Well they arrived today (onyl ordered yesterday) and they are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB!

    I realy thought sweet would tip me over but they are sour and fruity. Really cuts through the nausea.  I got the drops and the lollies - defo get the drops.  The lollies are a bit messy.

    You could probably use sour lollies of any kind but I guess the selling point here is they are made with essential oils which is part of the remedy.  I didn't go for the herbal flavours (lavendar ginger etc) as thought it might be a bit much.  But so far cherry and apple are good.  I have been very into ice cold apple juice though.


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