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High NT measurement :(



  • Hey ladies, just back from hospital.. Had cvs and omg I feel like I'm in labour again!! They messed up first time and had to do it again (thankfully didn't get anywhere near baby so no risk) then had my anti d.. Feel like a pin cushion.. They re did measurements and nuchal fold measures at 2mm!! But because of initial measurement I'm still classed as high risk.. We get results in 10days hopefully *fingers crossed* baby seemed totally happy and unaffected by the procedure and was bouncing around all over the place! Relieved it's over and just have to wait for results now..

    Hope everyone is ok. Hope yours goes well today Kate xxx
  • Gosh it sounds as though you were mega brave.

    I hope you feel ok tonight and the cramps disappear.

    Will keep everything crossed for a

    Good result for you xx
  • Hey,

    So glad that's over!! According to the consultant it went well and was pretty straightforward. Sophie can't believe you had to have it done twice - well done you for getting through it!

    It felt really weird not painful just strange! Was a bit shaky afterwards but feel ok now. A few cramps but nothing too bad (hopefully).

    Should hopefully get results by the end of the week xx
  • Well done both, very brave not sure I could have gone thru with it if I'd had to. Fx for the best outcome x

  • Hey Sophie, how you feeling today? Hope the cramps have calmed down? I'm ok, tummy a little tender but feel ok otherwise. just been resting today.

    The wait for these results is awful! xx
  • Well done Kate.  Getting gradually closer to the end of the week.  Hold on x

  • Hey Kate,

    Feeling much better today, a little sore and bruised but loads better than yesterday, was still a little crampy.. I've spent most of the time in bed- orders of my OH lol

    Glad you're feeling ok image waiting is awful I keep hoping for a miracle so they ring me sooner but I know that won't happen lol.. Halfway to the end of the week though for your results! Fingers and toes are all crossed for you! image xx
  • Hey Kate, how are you doing? Any sign of the results? Thinking of you with fingers crossed for good news! X
  • Hospital are officially rubbish!! After chasing them twice today they finally got back to me at 3.30 just to say my results aren't ready yet! Argghh. Have a whole weekend of waiting now image midwife said it doesn't mean bad news or anything just that some samples take longer to produce results than others??

    I thought with the 1st lot of tests they just had to count chromosomes hut maybe I've got my facts wrong. Never mind I suppose no news is good news.

    How you holding up Sophie? Just looking back at previous posts and realised we both had early scans at exactly the same time (7w4d) and now we're both going through the same thing again, spooky! image xx
  • Heya, that really is spooky lol.. Shame about your results though :/ they have to grow our samples and sometimes depending on how much they got they do take a while.. I read that some places take 2-3 weeks! :O but let's hope your sample just needed this weekend to be ready and fingers crossed for Monday!

    The wait is horrendous though! My OH and mum reckon it's going quite quickly and I'm just like no.. No it's not lol it's dragging :/

    Now we have to think of things to get us through this weekend lol I'm slowly running out of things to distract myself!! Lol xxx
  • Just for back from a friend's wedding in Oxford so that was quite a big distraction for me this weekend!

    Do agree that the results can't come quick enough! xx
  • Thinking of you both. Hope tomorrow is the day you both get reassured.

    How are you feeling physically? Are the cramps easing? Really hope so.

    All the best

  • Hi Tulip,

    Physically I feel absolutely fine, other than the usual pregnancy niggles. Was tender the day after the CVS but can honestly say haven't had much cramping apart from immediately after.

    The emotional side to all this is much worse! I feel a wreck! I just want answers so I can move on one way or another. Its an odd feeling cos my bump is most definitely there but I don't want it to be until I know everything is ok image

    Fingers crossed for some sort of result tomorrow. Will keep you posted when I hear anything good or bad xxx
  • Hi Cupcake Kate and Stubbornbrit, hope you don't mind me gate crashing from the due in may group but Tuliprose gave me the heads up you were both waiting on results and wanted to pop across 1) to show my support and 2) I guess also get some support ... I was 17 weeks on Friday and could only have the 2nd trimester screening as they couldn't get the unchallenged measurement at 12 week scan ... The bloods came back at a 1:5 risk, which came as a massive shock, As was very low risk with DD. Had an Amniocentesis on Friday and get the preliminary results tomorrow afternoon. I'm  trying to hold it together and look at it the other way around (4:5 chance everything is fine) but its a crazy roller coaster and one minute you're completely positive and the next considering all the what ifs?! I really feel for you both and keeping my fingers crossed you both get good news tomorrow and you're not waiting around xx

  • 'Unchallenged' meant to say nuchal! 


  • I think the emotional side must be harder. I have no idea what you are going through but uncertainty with something so previous has got to be torture.

    I so hope all three of you have answers today. But I think you are all right in not jumpin the gun too much. A step at a time has got to be the way forward.

    Motherhood certainly begins with that bfp doesn't it...with all the worry they put you through. Xx
  • Heya teapot and kate, thinking of you both today and hope good results come your way!

    I go from totally positive to negative in nanoseconds :/ don't get my results until Wednesday the earliest though so a few more days to endure!

    Luckily the cramps are easing off, just a little backache and if I walk for too long I get a bit crampy but I had spd last pregnancy and think it might be the beginnings of that again! OH has given me his cold so :/ feeling very sorry for myself today lol xxx
  • Oh sorry to hear that you have to wait a bit longer ... I have had bad backache and a stinking cold so totally empathise. I still have no news, trying to keep busy and not think too much on things but finding it increasing more difficult as the day goes on ... Hope you're over your cold soon and they don't keep you waiting around on Wednesday x
  • Hi ladies, still no news for us yet either.......this is torture!!

    Sophie, hope you're feeling better soon. Fingers crossed you hear early on Wednesday.

    Teapot, hope you hear soon too xxx
  • Just phoned hospital...... initial results are clear for T21, T13 and T18! So relieved. Couldn't be happier at the moment xxxx
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