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High NT measurement :(



  • Yayyyyy! That's wonderful news! Did they tell you gender? Do you want to know? X so happy for you!! Can finally start to enjoy the pregnancy now! image
  • I definitely want to know as I already have 2 little boys but apparently they can't give me that result yet. I don't think the sample they took was very big! Midwife said I should find out when I get the full results in a couple of weeks.

    Still can't believe our results were good! Fingers crossed for you Sophie and Teapot xxx
  • Congrats! X

  • Kate that's amazing news!

    Is that all of them or are there more ? Are the full results just the detail?

  • Sorry for the late update - great news Kate, I'm so happy for you ... we also go the all clear on our FISH test, so over the moon, was such a relief I just broke down in tears, even hubby cried (and that happens once in a blue moon!) and although I wasn't initially fussed about knowing the sex I couldn't resist and found out we are having a boy! I was so convinced it would be another girl because my symptoms have been so similar to dd. obviously still have to wait for full results which will prob be after Christmas now but at least we can relax a bit ... Keeping everything crossed for you stubbornbrit x
  • Congrats Teapot!! Its such a great feeling image

    Tulip, the full results mean they check all the baby's chromosomes. Chances are if your preliminary results are clear the full results will be too. Fingers crossed xx
  • Thanks Kate. So that is ultra stunning news! So so happy for you !

    Teapot I'm so pleased your results were good. What a relief !

  • Sophie, fingers crossed you get good results today. I know how hard the waiting is so I really hope you hear from them today. Keep us posted xx
  • Will be thinking of you today too Sophie x
  • Hey guys just got my results ALL NORMAL! Yay!!!! Feel like such a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders now! Still got to have a cardiac scan in London to check heart but yay!

    Also found out we are having a boy! image I'm so happy right now! image xxx
  • Yay Sophie! So pleased for you. I know what a relief it is! We have to have a heart scan at 20 weeks too.

    A little boy, congrats! Little boys are ace! xx
  • Hooray for you all!!!!! image
  • Yey, brilliant news and congratulations on your blue bump, hope the heart scan goes well x
  • Lovely news ladies!  Really pleased for you all!  Good luck for any further tests!  image



  • Just got the best Christmas present ever! Full results back and all clear! Yay! Just on to heart scan now at 20 weeks.

    We're having another boy too image have 2 boys already. Just so pleased he seems ok.

    Merry Christmas to you all ladies xxxx
  • Awwww what a fab Christmas present your boys will be thrilled image x

  • Great news cupcake kate, and congratulations on your blue bump image . ... still waiting on our full set of results. Phoned them on Christmas Eve and they said no news is good news as if there is a problem they get called but otherwo0ise results come by letter. Nevertheless feels like the test was ages ago and would just like thefinal confirmationso I can put it all behind me x

  • Yay! Congrats for the all clear and another baby boy!! image 

    Fingers crossed you get your all clear too teapot- maybe the letter is on its way already.. just slow to arrive with all the xmas backlog and things image

    Have my heart scan in London on the 6th! Pretty nervous... have horrendous flu atm and my morning sickness is getting worse!! Hoping everyone else has had a great xmas, though lol.. image xx


  • Boo to having flu stubbornbrit, hope it gets better soon along with the morning sickness. Good luck with the heart scan on the 6th, that's the same date as my 20 week scan so will be thinking of you x
  • Hi Sophie, how did the heart scan go? Hope it was good.

    Teapot, hope your 20 week scan was great too.

    Have my heart scan on the 20th Jan. Fingers crossed for us all xx
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