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High NT measurement :(



  • Hi Kate, 20 week scan was perfect thank you, he's a nosey little so & so as wouldn't turn his head to get a nice profile so scan pic is very face on, this was the problem at the 12 week scan and why we couldn't get the nt measurement, which led to the blood test etc etc.

    Hope everything goes well on the 20th and hope everything went well with the heart scan Sophie x
  • Hi ladies,

    We decided to cancel the appointment on Monday.. We wouldn't have been offered it if the sonographer had measured correctly and financially it was a bit much as I no longer have my job :/ was a little gutted but we had our 16 week MW appt. today and I got to hear his heart beating away... I'm guessing they'll be able to detect any major issues with his heart at the 20 week scan anyway which is in a few weeks time...

    Glad your 20 week scan went well Teapot image and good luck for your heart scan Kate I shall keep my fingers crossed for you image xxx

  • Good news ladies! Had our scan today and everything was great. He's a right little wriggler and wouldn't keep still! According to the consultant everything looked completely normal. So relieved xx
  • Cupcake kate and sophie 

    I am in the same exact situation my baby was measured 3.7 NT.

    I am worried sick. 

    May I ask how was your babies after birth? I really want to know what to expect 

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