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Am I the first June lady??

Hi all, well went to hospital as I was in alot of pain all day yesterday. At 5:34 this morning I delivered my little boy. It was so quick I only had time for gas and air and didn't tear at all. He is only a little one, weighing in at about 5 and a half pounds.  I'm feeling well but ouch does it hurt when I wee!!! 

Hope the rest of you have uneventful deliveries too. Just off to stare at him a little moreimage 


  • *edit* it randomly posted an empty post before my actual message lol

  • Congratulations!! image hopefully get to meet my little man next week (possible induction) ahh i cant wait image x
  • Congrats! X

  • Congratulations Annie!

    We have the same due date son in hopeful.

    I has four hours of consistent and painful contractions last night but they staved off and as I didn't sleep was exhausted this morning and took a bath. My neighbour has ds for an hour whilst I made myself a human again.

    Been having period cramps and backache and a touch of nausea this afternoon but not really many contractions.

    In hoping it won't be long - although I think his could potentially carry on for a few weeks. :{

    So happy your boy is here and you did so well. Was it a vbac too?
  • Congrats annie. I think it's going to be a long while before this baby makes an appearance.

    I'm glad it was quick for you. Enjoy the cuddles.
  • Massive congratulations!' Ive got a week till my due date and have nothing happening so feel it could be a while!!

    Enjoy your goegeous bundle xx
  • Thanks ladies, I am still in awe at my little one. Can't believe he is mine and do perfectly formed. 

    Tuliprose, that's how I started.  I didn't have any contractions until I was already at the hospital...  I did indeed have a vbac and I'm so glad I was able to do so. Apart from being sore for a while I have recovered quite well.

    Right I'm off to catch upnon the other threads x 

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