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stretch n sweep

Hi girls , as the title says - do they work ? having one on Tuesday , will be nearly 39 weeks , do they hurt , should I take pads for after , is it ok to dtd after ? sorry so many questions , any advice would be gratefully received , thanks x x 


  • Hiya,

    i had one with my first- it didn't work for me.

    it wasn't painful, just really uncomfortable and i bled after but she gave me a pad as i didn't have one with me.. I cramped at first but didn't progress- little guy was just too happy lol. She said i was already 4cm dilated which was when i was about 40+3 and i eventually went into labour at 41+3

    sex should be fine as long as your waters haven't broken...

    My consultant said she may give me one tomorrow when im in day assessment tomorrow so hopefully this one works!

    good luck! X
  • Hi Hun, certainly worked for me, are you going in to surgery to have it? Here they normally come to the house......

    Take pads, they might accidentally break your waters....

    I hurts a bit, but pretend it doesn't cause then they make a better job of it.....

    Ok to dtd as long as your waters haven't gone......

    And if you are anything like me you will need the hospital bag ready, as all 3 times I had baby the next day!

    Good luck x x x x

  • I had 2 with dd. One on my dd which didn't work and she told me I woukd be having the baby imminently as my cervix was so low and thin but it didn't happen. The 2nd at 40+5 and a few hours later a quick labour and dd was with us.

    I'm seeing a different mw on tues as mine's on holiday but I'm hoping she'll do a sweep.
  • Hi, I had one on Tuesday at 40 weeks and it doesn't appear to have worked image I didn't find it painful or particularly uncomfortable. Go in relaxed as like a smear the more you tense the more uncomfortable it will be. My cervix was soft, short and 2cm so not sure if that helped. I would take a pad as I bled after I would get some panty liners just incase as I've been having bloody discharge since. As for sex my MW encouraged it and told me to keep at it unless waters go. Due for a 2nd sweep Monday so fingers crossed that works. I have however tried bribery with a pony if she makes an appearance and that hasn't worked I think I just have a stubourn little madam on the way lol. On the other hand my friend had one and had her little girl 6 hours later.

    Good luck for Tuesday image xx
  • Thanks girls , very useful info , dh will be pleased we can give it several more go's , think he knows he'll be in for a dry spell for a while afterwards image will def take some pads with me then , good luck for tomorrow sb , are you in dau for for bp screening again ? hope the sweep works for you too , not long to go now ,,, exciting eh !! sorry it didn't work for you tink , is it your 1st baby ? will it be your 1st sweep for this baby gp - how are you keeping hun ? have had bag packed for a few weeks mrsboysmum , good job as was in overnight Tues , was a bit wary of using anything in it though as was hoping to keep it for b day . will take your advice re being relaxed , got mixed feelings about it tbh , even though I am uncomfortable I will miss being pregnant , love feeling the movements .... well ... most of them anyway image x x x 

  • Hi

    Cant be much help as the midwife gave me a sweep when i actually was in labour at 38 weeks and it did not hurt at all. Just feels a little strange!

    Ive heard positive and not positive results though with the sweep.

    Good luck though and hope it works for you image xxx
  • I wouldnt say it hurts, just uncomfortable. I didnt know I would be getting one so didnt have time to panic. I had mine at 38+6 and 39+6 but was 40+3 when I went into labour
  • Hi

    I think if you're close it doesn't hurt.

    My midwife said she won't do one until 39 weeks and only mindshare feels confident because occasionally when they are too out of reach they can't be sure what they are doing.

    She did say consultants can do them early as you are in hospital already so any probably or waters breaking and you're there wih help around.

    I hope t goes well. I will be 38 weeks next appointment so won't be having one but she hinted consultants might see me for one at 39 weeks since we need this labor to kick off sooner being a vbac and my oc risk.
  • Thanks evemum! Yeah, more bp screening- i'm not going to miss that place! Had to go into triage last night as I keep almost collapsing (I swear i'm on too high of a dosage) so the registrar told me to miss out one of the pills and i guess we'll see if it helps tomorrow although sods law my bp will be up again so i'll have to go back to taking the extra pill. I sooo cant wait for him to be here lol atleast it HAS to be at some point this month! haha x

    fingers crossed your labour comes on soon, tulip! 

  • I had 2 with my son, it didnt hurt, the first one did nothing at all, and yes i dtd and the 2nd was a week later and i was still at 1-2 cm a few hours later i was at 3-4 cm and it did the job image

  • Good luck sb.

    I'm so sorry you are struggling with so much time in hospital.

    I just keep thinking 3 more weeks and it will be done.image

    I'm sure it's the same for you but I understand how at this point 3 hours is a marathon.

    Stay strong xx
  • Sorry to hear that sb , it is frustrating isn't it , hope they get the right dose sorted soon , what are you on , I'm on Labetelol , 200mg twice daily , feel a bit light headed for a little while but not too bad , only a week or so to go hopefully , how are you feeling about the labour , excited n nervous in equal measure if you're anything like me image x x 

  • I'm also on labetalol 200mg twice daily although since Thursday I've only been having 200mg a day- was told if i feel symptoms like im about to collapse then i should miss the night time dose.. Don't think the heat helps! Consultant again tomorrow so hopefully the end is in sight! If i go too much longer I swear i'll end up collapsing in the playground whilst im waiting for my son lol

    I'm definitely excited but i keep having moments of complete panic lol image xx

  • Good luck today evemum. Fingers crossed it's the kick start you need x
  • Good luck hun x

  • How did you get on evemum?

    I saw the midwife today and she gave me a sweep but i am not hopeful of it working.  I was hoping to feel a bit more positive after the appointment but feel like I am going to be dragging this out in to next week.

    I've just drunk a load of pineapple juice even though I know I really would have to drown myself in the stuff to make any difference.  I've been walking non-stop.  I've clocked up a load of miles but to no avail. Grrrrrr.


    I hope you've had better luck evemum x

  • Thanks girls , was a bit uncomfortable , baby's head was a bit high so I had to apply fundal pressure , midwife felt the head but it bobbed up out of the way She said the cervix was soft n I was 2-3cm but that's not unusual when have had babies before , been bouncing on the birth ball since I got home , feeling a bit twingey but no show as yet - do you always have one ? was 38+5 with Lily when hind waters went , 38+5 today so you never know ... hope all the walking n pineapple juice work gp , we tried the old faithful last night n have been massaging uterus point on ankle , but I know from past experience the baby will come when it's ready n not before image x x 

  • Hey evemum, glad your sweep went well! I had one today and my show came away as she finished, am also 2-3cm! Hopefully your sweep works for you gingerpoodle! Fingers crossed we don't have to wait too much longer image

    Also have my induction booked for next Tuesday if still no sign and BP is behaving so thankfully the only time I have to go into hospital now is to have this little man! xxx

  • Thats fab sb , still waiting for mine , shouldn't be long for you then , exciting !! my bp was up again , but not over the level they said I had to be readmitted so that's good , glad yours is stable now , my induction is booked for next Thursday , but having another sweep Friday if no sign before then , keep us posted , looking forward to everyones' updates x x 

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