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My gorgeous baby boy has arrived

Hi ladies Just a quickie to let you know my beautiful little boy arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Established labour was about 2 hours after my waters broke but really only felt the major pain for about 45 mins prior to his birth. I thoroughly recommend the birthing pool. I'm actually suffering more afterwards with the awful after pains...they're worse than labour! I'm looking forward to seeing some more birth announcements soon. Gp x


  • Aww congratulations! Its funny how people never tell you about the after pains! Cant wait to see a pic image x
  • Aww congratulations!! Xx
  • huge congrates xxx

  • Congrats hun x

  • Huge congratulations!! Glad all went well. Xx
  • Fabulous news hun , glad all went well , the after pains are a real shocker aren't they , take it easy n enjoy your new little man x x 


  • Oh hooray! Such good news. Congratulations! Do you have a name?

    And to think you didn't think you had any signs etc and would go overdue.image

    When you are up to it I would love to hear how it all got started.

    Enjoy your wonderful bundle xx
  • evemum i didnt have after pains with lennon, will i get them 2nd time round???

  • Hiya , mine weren't too bad after 2nd but were really bad after 3rd - was convinced they had left 1 in there !! x x 

    Same here gp , when you have a spare moment it would be lovely to hear your birth story , name , weight etc x x 

  • lol i should be ok then as this is my last xxx

  • congratulations gingerpoodle image xx

  • Congratulations gp, , another little June boy. Hope you are recovering well and enjoying your little man x 

  • Thanks ladies.

    All is good if not just a little tiring.

    So, I'd had lots of cramping at the weekend before and my plug was gradually coming away. I haad a sweep on Tuesday but nothing seemed to come of it and I didnt have any more cramps but I was still getting lots of braxton hicks.

    On the Thursday morning I had my 1st contraction about 3.30am but it was quite mild and didn't have another for about 25nins and then again another 30 mins. (1st pregnancy they were 3-4mins apart from the start. So I got up and bounced on the ball for a bit. Throughout the morning they were stopping and starting and I was getting discouraged. I went for a 2 mile walk anf then had a bloody show.

    I continued bouncing and walking up & down stairs. The contractions were about 6 mins apart but still quite mild. I read on the Internet to lean forward on the ball and bounce so I did about 5 bounces and felt a pop. That was my waters at 1pm so I rang the birth centre and went in. My contractions were still fine and I got in the pool at 2.30 without being checked. My contractions seemed to get a little more intense but slowed so I was disappointed. I decided to get in the zone and just practiced the breathing and positions from yoga and an hour later he was born. 5 mins pushing and no time for the gas and air I was pointing at.

    I thoroughly recommend the yoga and the pool. It was such a more memorable experience than my 1st. Both labours were 12 hours from start to finish and both quick finishes but this was mucb more controlled by me and I remember ut so much more clearly even though I only had gas and air for about 45 mins with dd.

    I had a slight tear but no stitches. He is gorgeous and dd loves him althoigh a little jealous of sharing mummy abd daddy with him.

    Absolutely shattered now but happy all the same.

  • Congratulations hun x
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