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Recovering from vaginal birth

Hi As you know I'm hoping to have a vbac but I wondered what the recovery is like and if you ladies have any tips? I've read about inflatable rings for stitches and pouring warm water as you pee but I don't really know what to expect. I've bought post partum bath salts with arnica but not sure what else to prepare. I saw the post about after pains in the other thread. Last time my womb contracting was very painful but I had a c section so no wonder. I remember crying whilst feeding but because I breastfeed it did go. Also I have no experience of delivering the placenta so is there anything I should worry about?


  • Hi

    Not long to go now! image

    I gave birth to my little girl last month. Was a vaginal birth and had to use emergency forceps.

    The doctor had to do several cuts as well down there. My stitching ended up opening by the end of the first week and was very very painful. All i wanted to do was cry. Couldn't walk or sit on my bum. Only way to sit was on my side. They couldn't re stitch either because of infection happening. Got told it can take 6 MONTHS for it to heal which was more upsetting but I've had a look since and its actually doing really well and i can sit and move about fine image

    To prevent any of this happening to you just rest loads and make sure you wash down there every day to keep clean (if you end up needing stitches) the only way for me to pee was in the shower with the water running down me as it killed so much on the toilet. Keeping the area clean will help prevent infections.

    Buy lavender oil as well image for in the bath and sprinkle a few drops on your pads. I never brought a ring to sit on as midwife said it puts a lot of pressure on what stitches i had left.

    The placenta bit i didn't even no mine came out as it was so fast. All i got told was its out and it was all there. A girl i no though gave birth two weeks after me and two weeks later had to have an operation as there was a tiny bit of placenta still inside.

    Placenta can come out strait away or take up to an hour. If its taking ages i know that they have to take you to theatre to remove it themselves.

    Good luck and hope all runs smoothly image x
  • I was lucky I remember feeling like id been hit by a bus the next day, every muscle in my body ached. But after a few days I was pretty much normal, up and about n walking around. Having had a c sec with this one I'd take a vaginal birth any day, my recovery was a million times easier, I'm still suffering now 19 weeks on x

  • i had a normal birth with lennon, i was lucky not to have been cut or any thing like that but lennon did leave some grazing, i found it hard to pee and tried every thing from sitting in a bath of warm water to standing up but nothing really worked for me, i was naughty and refussed to go for a wee and put my self back into hospital 4 days after having my son by doing this! i was given 2 days bed rest with a cafiter and it help loads! i found after that sitting on the loo and leaning forward ment i could pee with no problems, it hurt for about a week and this time round if its the same i will make sure i just bite my tounge and pee.

    The placenta part of the birth they gave me an injection just after i had lennon and i felt a little tugging as they were delivering it, i didnt see it after i had delivered it, i dont remember it hurting in any way.

    My only fear this time round is will it be another back to back birth.....and at the moment iv been told my placenta is laying low down by the cervix neck, will it move? and if it dont move whats the out come???

  • I tore with my pregnancys and the hospital gave me a gel to use a apart to cool and numb the area and a pack of tucks wipes. They worked well. I also used a squirt bottle the hospital gave me to rinse the area with warm water it felt lovely lol. The placenta just feels like a blob coming out it wasn't painful. With my last the dr was actually explaining all about it to my husband he was very curious I however had no interest in seeing it. Good luck to you. In a few days you'll feel amazing. Having that baby in your arms makes you forget anything bad.
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