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2 days overdue

Hello ladies, Hope were all doing well, been so excited to see some of the june birth announcements!! I was due on friday, spent the day in hospital as midwife thought i had pre eclampsia, turned out to be a false alarm. Now as this is my first baby can anyone tell me can contractions/labour just start without any warning or is there usually a build up. So far for me i have no signs, no plug, no leaking waters i feel just as uncomfortable as i have done for weeks but nothings really changed. Every little twinge i get excited and nothing happens, im driving myself and my dh mad lol!! Suppose i just need to learn some patience!! Xxx


  • They can come on as quick as they want, I lost my plug at dinner time, started with proper pains at about 7pm she was born an hour n a half later x

  • Hi

    Im a first time mummy. My waters went on the Friday which was 2 weeks early. I had no symptoms that they was going to go during the day. I just woken up to the liquid coming out. On the Saturday i didnt start to get contractions until the evening time which was when i lost my plug and i ended up then going to the Hospital. Didnt end up having her until early hours on the Monday image

    Try a warm bath and then bouncing on a gym/birth ball. I did this on the Saturday and strait away contractions were starting. Good luck x
  • Hey libby, hope you don't have to wait too much longer!

    With my first I was 10 days late, woke up grumpy and started getting period pain around 4pm which gradually got stronger, had him at 9:30pm. My waters had to get broken by the midwife whilst pushing him out, didn't lose plug or anything beforehand that i noticed, even after having a membrane sweep...

    This time, I've been losing my plug/having bloody show since last Tuesday when I had my sweep and still no sign of him! 

    Glad all is well though and that the pre-e was a false alarm! Contractions (when the real thing eventually starts) usually build up in terms of pain and frequency... I went from being able to talk through them to having to put all my focus into getting past each one lol x

  • I feel your pain hon.image. Waiting is difficult when you are so uncomfy.

    Real labour contractions will eventually get unmistakable even if they build gradually. The norm in a first labour is a very gradual build up but some women are less sensitive than others and miss this build up and then the labour is seemingly very short.

    A friend went into hospital for reduced movements a week before her first was born and the midwives told her she was contracting but she was totally unaware. It runs in families sometimes too. Bizarre how we are all so different. In the end she only felt four hours of labour start to finish. Luckily she had a home birth planned.

    Statistically first time mums give both a week overdue but of course we are all different and stays are just the average.image

    Stubbornbrit - good luck! Not long for you now.

    I've been having false labour off and on now for 12 days. Pretty exhausted. Noticed very tiny loss of plug last Monday and yesterday twice. It was quite snotty and not blood stained so think it'll be a while.

    I'm trying to tell myself it's all doing something and my body is just hearing up but is been emotionally rough, especially working around my toddler.

    These babies will come when they are good and ready I suppose.

    Libby I guess at least you only have two more weeks if you agree to induction. (I know some ladies prefer to wait longer).

    Almost there for all of us xx
  • Thanks ladies for all your responses, i just need to be patient, i hate not knowing what is going to happen!!

    Been bouncing on my gym ball today had quite a bit of discharge to so you never know.

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