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Being induced tomorrow...

Hey ladies!

So... Tomorrow i'm booked in to get induced! I haven't been induced before so don't really know what to expect (i've read the booklet they gave me but its not quite the same as going through it! lol)

I had been hoping to go naturally but high bp isn't having that and the membrane sweep didn't work...

So, I was just wondering, have any of you been induced? What was it like? I laboured very quickly with my first, does induction mean slow? When I had my sweep I was already 2-3cm dilated- will that mean anything? 

Would have asked the consultant but she was adamant that the sweep would work! 


I am so excited! A little anxious, though... ok maybe a lot anxious lol its been 5 years since I did this last and last time ended up in me having a PPH argh! Hopefully that wont happen again! 

Hope you're all well xx


  • Good luck for tomorrow.

    I was induced and it was long but I think it being a first baby had a lot to do with it. And back to back position.

    It's usual for it to take 24 hours to kick off however I was unusual and it began within 2 hours.image

    When it does kick in it tends not to be the gradual build up with spontaneous labour. It is usually a bit stronger sooner which I think can be good.

    The fact it's your second will count for a lot I think we your body has walked those steps before. image

    It's very exciting to think your baby could be here in th next few days.

    My best advice would be to listen to your body and be aware that induction has a higher chance of further intervention so if they suggest moving on to other things just make sure you have the info you need to make your decisions and do what's best for you and your baby.

  • Hi sb , sorry to hear the bp is misbehaving , I was induced with my 1st 2 due to high bp , went in a week before , the night before , given a pessary n sleeping tablet at midnight (best nights sleep I'd had all pregnancy ) didn't want it but was advised to n glad I did , woke up the next morning , they said actually they were going to leave it a few more days but it was too late had period pains n wanted to go in the bath , that was 11am , had several more baths , epidural at 7 as baby was breech and lowered bp , born after a very peaceful evening checked at midnight to see if any progress had been made , was fully dilated , gave birth at 1.05am . 

    With the 2nd I went in the night before , given a pessary at midnight again , woke up at 7.30 , very intense contractions , spontaneous rupture of membranes at 8.30 ,epidural at 10.55 again for high bp , said I didn't need it as I needed to push but they said there was no way I was ready yet !!  ds born at 11.16 with the help of ventouse , they lost the heartbeat but I'm sure it was just positional  , he was abit cold after so they put him under a heat lamp - that was 14 years ago though , pretty sure they would recommend skin to skin now n I feel that would have been better too , 

    Both were quite different , but by no means awful , like Tulip said trust your body n your instincts , n if you are given choices make sure you ask for time alone with your birth partner to discuss them ,

    Hope all goes well for you hun , exciting times , hopefully this time tomorrow you will have your baby in your arms , n you never know - sometimes the thought of induction is enough to send you into labour on your own , fingers crossed x x x 

  • Just want to wish you well for tomorrow sb. I hopu it's quick and as painless as possible x
  • Good luck tomorrow StubbornBrit .. I've been induced twice but my first time was to speed labour up whereas this time was for preeclampsia. I was induced at 37 weeks so my body wasn't ready so tgr fact that you're slightly dilated already will help. I had to have 2 different pessaries over 2 days, after which I was only 1cm and they were talking about a csection if they couldn't break my waters, luckily they left me another 12 hours and did manage to break them but that still didn't establish labour, then they put me on hormone drip and I went into active labour very quickly and had him in 3 hours. I won't lie it was very long and painful but that was me and there are plenty who have a much better time - although however much pain I experienced it was better than the alternative option of a csection and he was delivered safe and sound in the end - good luck hun you'll do great
  • Thanks for all your replies, ladies! image I think i've gotten myself mentally ready now- i'll just have to take each step as it comes and hope that i'll be a lucky one and have him in my arms this time tomorrow! 

    I shall post again at some point tomorrow/when he's out lol my 5 year old is staying with his nanny and i have his permission to get him out tomorrow if he's ready (bless him!) xx

  • Good luck for today hun x

  • Good luck sweetie - I absolutely love that your little one gave you permission - that is just the cutest! image

    You will do great - I have no doubt.  Just keep focussing on that little one being with you xxx

  • Hi ladies! Just an update... Sebastian was born last night at 7:23pm! 7lb 8oz!

    induction was actually pretty good! Was already 4cm at 12pm was sent for a walk and to the delivery ward where they reexamined me and i was 6cm at 4pm.. They broke my waters, went for another walk and contractions came on fast and strong- pushed for about 30mins-1hr and out he came! Gas and air didn't help the pain as much this time but no time for anything else... Had a small pph and Bp went skyhigh 180/120 then plummeted 60/30 so had to stay in and just waiting on the all clear to go home! Hes amazing and totally worth it... Cant believe how small he is! His brother was almost 10lbs lol

    all the best to everyone! Xxx
  • Congratulations! What a lovely induction story! Enjoy all of those early cuddles!

  • Huge congratulations!

    What a good birth story. Love the name too.

    Hope you can go home soon but get as much rest as you can in now. X
  • many congratulations. Im being induced tomorrow so hope mine is as successful as yours image xxx

  • Congrats hun x

  • Fan sb. Congratulations! I'm so glad it went well x
  • So pleased for you sb , glad it went smoothly for you apart from the bp , congratulations hun , such a lovely name n a very good weight x x 

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